2020 Employee Gift Guide for All Wish Lists

Nov 16, 2020 | Incentives & Recognition

Holiday gifts

We all love gifts. Depending on your personality, finding the perfect employee gift for 2020 is either extremely fun or entirely stressful. Which camp do you fall in?

If you fall into the latter group, you are in luck! We absolutely love giving gifts. If you are not familiar with One10, we work with global companies to create incentive and recognition programs that engage stakeholders and increase bottom lines. So, we have a few ideas on what employee incentives work to excite and motivate your teams.

To begin, your team desires to be recognized for a job well done. According to a survey we completed at the end of 2019, employees want more frequent recognition from both their supervisors and from their peers. This employee recognition leads to increased motivation, which in turn helps your company achieve its business goals. It’s part of the concept behind a “total rewards” package for your employees. Your total reward philosophy should also include employee holiday gifts. It is the perfect time to recognize and appreciate your employees at the end of the year. As the gift-giving experts, we can help you this holiday season. Here’s our guide for doing it right this year.

We’ve polled our super-smart rewards team to determine the hot employee holiday gifts to watch for this year. We’ve also taken a look at the most redeemed items from our Rewarding You online catalog, which offers millions of gift options for employees. The results are in and below are the top gift ideas to match any personality on your list.

The Experiencer

This is your employee who is always the first to dive into any office situation with grace. Not afraid of getting her feet wet, The Experiencer is willing to tackle any problem, no matter how big. She’s also humble enough to recognize mistakes made along the way to help her grow in the future.

For The Experiencer on your list, look for gifts that will excite her sense of adventure. Top gifts from our Rewarding You platform include:

  • Two-night white water rafting trip
  • Western fly-fishing experience
  • Great white shark diving adventure
  • MTV Movie Awards tickets

The Fashionista

This smart and stylish employee on your list is fierce to the core. She is a trendsetter who always keeps your team in-the-know. The Fashionista in the group is also a perfectionist, and her obsession with the details helps your team shine.

The Fashionista desires chic gifts that are sophisticated and fun. Top gifts from our Rewarding You platform include:

  • Name brand purses and wallets
  • Fashionable watches
  • Sunglasses for every season

The Tech Master

You know the guy—he’s the one you always call when you need an extra phone charger, your webcam won’t work, or have problems with Chrome. He’s cool, calm, and collected under fire, and he helps remedy any situation so your team can succeed.

The Tech Master wants gifts to help him stay productive. Top gifts from our Rewarding You platform include:

  • Portable speakers
  • Mini projectors
  • 65” TVs

The Chef

This is the employee everyone turns to when making the most important decisions that may not be widely accepted by the team, like where to go for lunch. The Chef is always curious about how to do things differently around the office and she often takes the creative reins that steer the group to success.

The Chef expects gifts that are imaginative yet resourceful. Top gifts from our Rewarding You platform include:

  • Blender
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Pressure cooker
  • Wine refrigerator
  • Coffee maker

The Sports Enthusiast

The Sports Enthusiast is the complete definition of a team. He does what it takes to win, and recognizes that it takes a team to be successful. The Sports Enthusiast will rally your employees to push the project over the finish line in record time, despite any challenges that may get in the way.

The Sports Enthusiast wants gifts that allow him to immerse himself in the excitement. Top gifts from our Rewarding You platform include:

  • Masters Tournament golf experience
  • World Cup Soccer tickets
  • Super Bowl tickets

Employee gifts or rewards should inspire. They should show your appreciation for your team. They should also drive behavior change. But, this is difficult when you think of your employee holiday gift as a one-size-fits-all approach. Each of your employees is different, and so are their needs and motivations. That’s why Rewarding You is perfect. Our online catalog offers millions of gift options so your employees can pick the reward that is perfect for them. Needless to say, Rewarding You has a gift for everyone on your list!

Request a demo today to see how you can check all of these unique gift recipients off your list.

Samantha Decker

Samantha Decker

Samantha Decker is the Marketing Director at One10. Decker oversees marketing initiatives for all three of One10’s business segments – travel and events, incentives and recognition and marketing services. Bringing unique marketing experience to One10, Decker has led rebranding and growth efforts for every organization she has been a part of and is a strong advocate that purpose and profits can coexist in business. Decker was named a Corporate Connect 40 Under 40, has been published in industry articles, and is currently a member of Team Women in Minneapolis.