One10 Named Top 10 Employee Recognition Provider by HR Tech Outlook

Sep 13, 2019 | Incentives & Recognition

One10 has been named a Top 10 Employee Recognition Provider. Perhaps it is for our decades of experience providing solutions for Fortune 500 businesses to drive better performance and motivate teams. Or maybe it is because we have a best-in-class technology driven by a mobile-first interface. More than likely, it is for our holistic approach to drive performance improvement across all people in an organization – employees, channel partners, dealers and customers. Our approach is rooted in a methodology to inform, engage and reward. We bring together disparate processes, people and technologies into a solution that works and drives results.

Read the entire article below, originally published in HR Tech Outlook.

Businesses thrive on the shoulders of entrepreneurs as well as the stakeholders such as the employees, dealers, channel partners, and customers. Companies rely on several disparate programs to ensure holistic engagement and managing them can be a complex affair. Organizations ought to be in tune with the changing workflow and work culture dynamics while motivating, appreciating, and acknowledging their employees. Offering to help them out is One10, who, with unique technological expertise, ties employees, sales partners, and distribution channels of companies with the thread of engagement. “We take a consultative approach and use technology as a tool. We do not believe it is the ‘end all and be all’ but focus mainly on being a relationship company,” states Richelle Taylor, VP of Strategic Marketing, who oversees the Incentives and Recognition division at One10. Our technology is the glue that brings relationships and behavior together.

The company offers its services to businesses via its proprietary platform, PerformX, which is a total rewards solution to help decision makers, HRs, and even VPs to communicate with the workforce and run employee, channel or incentive initiatives in a centralized manner. The three core pillars on which PerformX is founded are inform, engage, reward. The first tenet, inform, building on the value of communication and organizational awareness, keeps all stakeholders informed about performance objectives while ensuring the employees have the right skill sets and tools to achieve these. Engage keeps the organization leaders informed in real-time about the people and their behavioral patterns while the reward aspect allows clients to appreciate and incentivize the efforts of their employees.

Richelle adds that continually, evaluating these three aspects is critical for companies to make sense of the insights and data being collected from their programs.

PerformX being a consolidated, centralized platform built with a mobile-first design ensures easy accessibility at all times and places. The platform can be completely personalized to follow a role-based hierarchical system where the content is tailored to the user’s position in the organization. “Your users only see information that the company wants to serve up to them,” says Richelle. “That makes it easy to tailor content for your audience based on regions, titles, divisions, and much more.”

Furthermore, users can configure, design, or alter it to fit their needs to enhance their operational flexibility, whether it is used for recognition, running various sales incentives or for external distribution channels. With PerformX, users can conduct friendly competitions and measure the improvement in performance levels via real-time feedback and displays, almost like a social wall of fame. The company also includes gamification along with the implementation of augmented and virtual reality and simulation within its platform to revamp the work environment with an element of ‘fun.’

The company doesn’t look at replacing its clients’ LMS with PerformX, but intends to connect and enhance it through its module ‘learn and earn.’ Reporting with use of dashboards, pie charts, and visualizations, enable leaders to have visibility into real-time activity and data and thus know the level of engagement and growth within their organization. One10 offers a full-service training to its clients inclusive of advice, consultation, and written curriculum, therefore increasing in the performance index, which assures rewards to employees.

In this competitive business realm, where companies strive to recruit and retain top talent, One10, with over 60 years of experience and an influential work culture seeks to comprehend the business objectives of its clients and help them become experts in their operational areas. The company has incorporated a great deal of data and analytics, along with expanding its abilities in the future, through multi-lingual communication, predictive modelling, virtual assistance and other innovative features. To steer ahead toward global expansion, One10 is one of the leading pioneers in aggregating data in order to provide relevant reports, feedback, analytics to enhance employee engagement and overall organizational performance. “We continue to offer a configurable solution with business intelligence so that people can make informed decisions about what’s happening within their organization, not based on hunches or gut feelings but based on data, “concludes Richelle.