The world has changed. The importance of communication has not.

Aug 25, 2020 | Featured


Communication is simple, right? We all do it, every day. In fact, we can’t not communicate. It’s the essence of human interaction.

And as the pandemic continues to hang over us like a slow-moving, ominous cloud, we hear updates and report-outs that businesses are finding their way. They’re being creative in how they work in remote situations and find ways to work efficiently. Grand. Good for the companies, good for consumers. And good for our economy. “Social distancing get behind me. We will persevere.”

Yes, the machinery is working. Yes, the people are working, but is the culture of your company still a vibrant and galvanizing force of your organization, or is it becoming as dried and shriveled as the office plants that were left behind, oh so many months ago?

Effective communication is what keeps the interpersonal relationships of your organization humming along and moving in concordance. How do you continue to make employee engagement a reality, let alone a priority? Because while organizations have found innovative ways to sustain business during social distancing, there is an unintended by-product that shouldn’t be overlooked — the innate culture distancing that is happening when we aren’t together, physically.

Yes, we’re in contact — Skype, Zoom and Teams make sure of that. But are we truly connected and providing effective leadership by communicating with messaging that is relevant, timely and reinforcing your missions and goals?
Now more than ever, communication is the currency of leadership.

Culture distancing, it’s out there and it can have a detrimental impact on what your leadership has invested in — both in capital and human expense. And there are ways to nurture and preserve the culture of your organization. But what about the gaps? How do you ensure consistency of message and ensure that the corporate compass is still plotted to the desired destination?

Everything an organization does sends a message – intended, unintended, it doesn’t matter. Even when it isn’t saying anything. If you aren’t owning your message, your employees will be happy to make it up for you. Silence can speak loudly. In its absence, rumors fill the gaps.

No question, there is a cost of communicating, but what is the cost of not communicating? Too much has been invested into your culture to let it suffer; to let momentum lag. One10 can help. Let us help keep the compass heading. Let us engage and motivate. Let us help tell the stories, find the platforms and allow you to be the leaders that employees are counting on in these uncertain times.

Logic makes us think, but emotion makes us act. That’s why togetherness is so important. Relationships are what matter. In the world of business, they’re not the exclusive domain of only happening in person. Interpersonal communication and the synergy, the collaboration, the trust of what comes from them do not have to wait until that blessed day when we can once again gather in hotel pre-function areas to marvel at the size of the shrimp displayed on the buffet table. Business needs emotional engagement. Humans crave it. People want to be emotionally engaged. They want connections. Our job is to enable that. It’s something we’ve done exceedingly well for countless organizations throughout the years.

Yes, our current environment has forced change. The task now is to recognize it and plan for it. Whether employee engagement or channel engagement, events needn’t change. Locations do. So, we go from physical to virtual … and soon enough it will be a phygital world — integrating and innovating a select hybrid of physical and digital spaces to accomplish goals and drive engagement. And One10 will be there.

We will be there to perform, so your business can perform. If you think your culture can be put on hold (like the shrimp on ice), it can’t (like the shrimp on ice).

It needs to be cultivated. It needs to be the ever-present north star that guides your employees. There is something palpable about a culture when it is churning all cylinders. There is an organic sense to it that resonates throughout your organization — a sense of momentum. Conversely, in its absence there is a sense of stagnancy, an absence of motion.

One10 is a company that helps companies enable their momentum. With our fusion of Marketing Services, Travel and Events, and Incentives and Recognition, our people and processes are founded on the ideal that relationships are what matter.

So, how’s your culture? Has it distanced? Has engagement suffered, even though sales are seemingly tracking? Don’t overlook what’s important: your people. Employee engagement. Channel recognition. It still needs fostering and frankly, how many ice breakers can you employ in an effort to normalize what is so contrary to the normal that we’ve known?

One10 has always had the creative services, the analytics and insights. We’ve always had the industry-leaders in event management. We’ve always had innovative recognition and loyalty programs. All that’s changed is how and where people gather and come together. But gather is what we should do. It’s in our nature. It’s how we mutually share stories, because after all, that’s what your culture is all about. Don’t overlook it’s impact to your business and most important, to your people. Your culture is counting on it. And you can count on One10.

Roger Burgess

Roger Burgess

Roger has 37 years of corporate and brand communications experience, primarily in the employee, wholesale and retail channels. He has been with One10 and its prior iterations for 24 years, helping clients with varied performance improvement solutions including: speechwriting, branding and positioning, print, online, video, training and live meeting support. He subscribes to the simplest of all notions: “what else is there, besides communication?”
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