The One10 Detroit Office recently underwent their annual ISO 9001:2015 certification review, conducted by lead auditor Roy Foster of the DNVGL Certification Organization. The audit scope included a review of the following:

  • Quality Functions – Accurate documentation of processes, management review, internal audits, and corrective action processes among others.
  • Management involvement – Group interviews to determine how top management demonstrates commitment and our changing environment – both industry and physical.
  • Purchasing – Focused on the appropriate use of qualified suppliers, 3-bids or exception paperwork, and adequate contracts.

After the auditor’s assessment, One10 has been recommended for the continuance of the Detroit office ISO 9001:2015 certification. One10 maintains an ongoing commitment to flawless execution and continual improvement of processes and procedures. ISO certification is noteworthy, and arguably the backbone of the continued high client satisfaction survey scores and client retention history the Detroit office achieves.