Heidi Dillon, a 9-year member of the Events Industry, has been named to the SITE Board of Directors for 2021. Heidi’s involvement in SITE has been extensive as she was a Global Young Leaders Co-Chair in 2019. For SITE Global, she helped orchestrate the 3-day Young Leaders conference – a great undertaking. Heidi worked closely with the larger committee to fundraise, involve SITE IBOD & IBOT mentors, incorporate CSR opportunities, and bring together speakers and attendees from all facets of the travel industry. While serving as co-chair, she learned how to be a stronger mentor for attendees by reaching out to other Young Leaders and sharing her experiences with them – and listening to their brilliant ideas. She was also a member of the pilot SITE Mentorship program and Leaders in Action.

Joining the SITE International Board is something Heidi is not only excited about but well positioned for given her experience working on some of the most exclusive incentive programs in the industry along with her passion and knowledge for the industry. Heidi’s role on the SITE International Board of Directors will be the as the inaugural Young Leaders Chair. She believes in the importance of making sure young leaders and those new to the industry are represented and have a line of communication to industry leaders.

“As the Young Leaders Board member, I commit to continuing outreach to our Young Leaders, especially those who have remained in the industry while not forgetting those who have been forced to leave the industry to pursue a job elsewhere during the pandemic. As we work to rebuild and restore a booming incentive travel market, we will need these leaders back among our companies more than ever. I hope to serve as both a mentor and communicant to my generation of leaders.” – Heidi Dillon, CITP, Manager, Event Operations at One10


About One10
One10 is an industry leader in marketing, incentive and travel services. Built on the premise that talent is the primary driver of positive business results and a sustainable competitive advantage, One10 helps people and teams become more productive by fostering greater sense of connection. One10 has offices in Dallas, Dayton, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Toronto. https://www.one10marketing.com

About SITE

The Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) is the only Business Events association dedicated exclusively to the global incentive travel industry. Founded in 1973, SITE is a professional association of 2,500 members located in 90 countries, working in corporations, agencies, airlines, cruise companies and across the entire destination supply chain. SITE brings value to their members at both global and local chapter levels by networking, online resources, education, certification and advocacy. SITE is deeply committed to the new generation and operates a best-in-class Young Leaders program and dedicated annual conference. Siteglobal.com