Driving Training & Development in the Auto Industry

The Challenge

Redesign of an existing enterprise-wide learning solution can be difficult. But a large automaker asked us to conduct a redesign to accomplish three objectives: improve the learning experience, increase audience engagement, and boost performance.

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The Solution

Our collaborative approach included research, evaluation and redesign, as well as performance-based training, support and sustainment tools, and engagement interventions.

The Results

The redesigned Training & Development program resulted in:

  • Measurable improvement in overall engagement
  • A significant increase in annual sales volume per Sales Consultant
  • Customer satisfaction scores increased
  • Substantial growth in annual revenue and gross profit per Sales Consultant

Aren’t all rules meant to be broken? Not when your profits depend on them. See why following the rules is a smart choice when designing a sales incentive program.

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Change Your Game

When you tap into your team’s true potential, align your employees, dealers, channel partners and customers, and measure success—you change the game.


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