Who Needs Cash, Anyway?

The Challenge

A leading financial company was looking to increase new contract sales by creating unique ways to engage and reward employee performance for new sales. The current cash reward program had gone stagnant and they wanted to refresh the plan by offering exciting incentives with lots of choice. Valuing the power of gamification to drive results, the client was interested in this feature as well as accessible reporting to track success.

Our Solution

One10 developed a point-based rewards platform to provide participants an engaging way for goal attainment and reward redemption. The addition of a “WhirlWin” spinner game added excitement and breathed new life into the program. Adding gamification and the ability to monitor online account statements, drove participant engagement during the contest phase of their program. The one-size-fits-all (and forgettable) cash rewards were replaced by a robust catalog of merchandise, retail gift cards, experiences, tickets and individual travel rewards. The participants were given the opportunity to bank their points and the freedom to choose a reward that was most meaningful to them. The business owners enjoyed an easy-to-use web-based interface that gave them flexibility with the program and access to graphical reporting to help them track progress and results

The Results

  • Program ROI on engagement and ease of use has increased over the cash rewards program.
  • Participant feedback is that the program is easy to use, and has lots of rewards and options to select from!
  • Business owners’ feedback is that the flexibility of the platform and the ability to personalize it with corporate branding and messaging has been invaluable to the program’s ongoing success.

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