A Calculated Approach to Cumulative Loyalty.

The Challenge

In a distributed sales channel, making it simple for your dealers and channel partners to understand how their loyalty will benefit them is important. A large tire brand was sending a monthly Excel spreadsheet with formulas so their dealers/employees could run scenarios. It was time consuming and introduced significant opportunity for human error.

The Solution

Using the Agile delivery method, One10 piloted a scenario calculator for the Client’s loyalty program. This calculator is used by dealers as well as client employees to forecast how different tire purchases will affect their future loyalty bonus.

The Results

Paraphrasing our main client contact: “although there were more meetings than normal, they were worthwhile meetings that always led toward working software that could be reviewed and provide feedback on.” When surveyed, the client also went on to say the calculator tool “translated our business needs into a final product that substantially reduces administrative time preparing the report.”

While there is no “one size fits all” approach to building an amazing incentive travel program, we share our secrets to increasing participant engagement in this conversation.