Employee Recognition & Engagement Programs

Inspire your most valuable assets.

85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. – Gallup

Your people are your most valuable assets. They perform better and are more invested when they understand the critical issues facing the business, and are recognized and rewarded for their efforts. One10 builds on past best practices, and leverages the latest recognition strategies to align your goals with what your employees care about most.

When people are more engaged and more productive, they will maximize progress toward your goals.

Double Down on Your Goals

In theory, it’s rather simple. We all want to hire caring, hard-working, dedicated and loyal employees. It’s easy to forget about these goals as employees get acclimated into the organization and lose touch of the initial excitement in working with your organization. Rather than just focusing on onboarding, how do you plan to make your employees feel excited to be a part of your team regardless of the number of years under their belt?

First, identify your employee engagement goals. Perhaps you are looking to do one or a number of the following:

  • Motivate and engage your mid to top performers
  • Retain your employees
  • Recognize service anniversaries
  • Promote corporate values
  • Facilitate connections within the organization
  • Increase employee morale
We believe in the power of points programs to achieve your goals. We have seen them work time and time again, and here is why.

Invest in Your People Power

Craft a plan for your company.

One10 leads the way in developing, implementing and managing effective recognition programs. A well-planned, communicated and measured employee program can generate improved performance and productivity from those people who serve as the “face of your brand.” It can deepen employee engagement and improve customer satisfaction, increase sales efforts and create stronger brand advocates. We’ve worked with hundreds of brands to craft a plan that works for them. While our solutions may not be a one-size-fits-all approach, we design all programs based on three principles:

  • Inform— Communicate performance objectives and the role participants play in achieving them while ensuring they have the skills, knowledge and tools to succeed.
  • Engage — Develop data-driven strategies to encourage desired behaviors, maintain active participation and drive above-and-beyond performance.
  • Reward — Identify an optimal mix of tangible, experiential and intangible reward and recognition mechanisms to capture interest, foster desired behavior, drive change and maximize performance

Imagine the Possibilities

Retaining top performers in the Pharma Industry
Restructuring a number of disparate programs under one, concerted recognition initiative is no small feat. With the help of One10, this Pharma giant rolled out a points-based rewards program that included on-the-spot, peer-to-peer recognition, eCards for service anniversaries and more. As a result, employees who participate in the program see a 50% lower turnover rate, resulting in $111 million in cost savings.
Customer support for the win
With only 180 days remaining in a current, long-standing reward program, a financial industry client was hoping to encourage participants to use up remaining funds in just 30 days. With only 25% of funds currently used, this was no small undertaking. One10 put the matters into our U.S. call center’s hands. After encouraging participants to use their points, our call center staff realized an increase in 45% of calls handled in just 30 days. In the end, only 1% of funds expired. Now, that is leading with your secret sauce.

How We Do It

Our tools are ready for you.

PerformX® Technology

PerformX is our powerful software solution to inspire employee engagement and make your employees feel recognized. Our platform is focused on ease of use and flexibility – meeting your employees wherever they are. PerformX is fully brandable to include your company’s colors and logo for a seamless experience.

In designing PerformX, user feedback was heavily considered to ensure all levels of participants would appreciate and engage with the technology. See for yourself how easy this platform truly is to implement into your organization.

Rewarding You

Rewarding You is a recognition solution that enables anyone in your organization the gift of choice. With millions of exciting options, Rewarding You is a lightweight recognition technology that allows you to give “on-the-spot” or as a one-time larger sum. Not quite sure if you are ready to dive headfirst into recognition? Rewarding You is a great place to fall in love with all the benefits appreciation and rewards can have on your company culture.

To set up a Rewarding You instance is simple. You provide the list of names and reward figures; we get your people access to our user-friendly platform. Your employees will be beyond excited when they are allowed to choose a reward they perceive as truly desirable. Name-brand merchandise, gift cards, experience and event tickets, travel and vacations, and even charitable donations all provide exciting awards to get your talent fired up.

Above and Beyond Participant Support

A program without customer support is like a sailboat without a sail. Ok, not to be dramatic, but you will want an expert customer support center. Additionally, you will be relying on the tenured folks at One10 in Customer Xperience to ensure your questions are answered. Our experts bring 20 years’ experience to the table and can help with any technical questions you have.

Travel Rewards

Travel is a universal motivator. Likely, this isn’t the first time you are hearing that truth. Many of the top companies in the world use travel to inspire, engage and motivate their workplaces. The world is truly your oyster when it comes to the endless options and travel packages we can craft for your employees. Whether you want to send all your employees on a group travel adventure, provide curated packages or personalize their experience, we’ve got you covered.

Make This Year the Year of Your Employees

We believe in the power of your people. And, we know you do too. We would love to share more about some of the exciting things we are doing for other companies and see if an employee recognition solution fits into your total rewards strategy.

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