Dinner and a Riot

The Challenge

Transporting nearly 100 guests to dinner has never been so complicated! After local, on-site staff heard about an organized protest in the host city through social media, the One10 team knew they had to be prepared for the worst. As the situation quickly escalated into more than a protest, social media and news channels started covering the action. Quickly, the One10 onsite staff acted and scheduled a meeting with the local law enforcement, hotel security, local transportation suppliers and local staff to form a contingency plan.

Our Solution

The city decided to shut off all cell phone service to help limit the escalation of protests. So, our team enacted their plan:

  • Numerous alternate routes for transportation to dinner
  • Local staff were hired to ride in each vehicle and surround the hotel
  • Guests were escorted through the back entrance of the hotel like celebrities

A special escort service from the hotel staff and security alongside local law enforcement was provided for the guests

The Results

One10’s proper resource planning resulted in a seamless and enjoyable night for the guests! The guests were able to go to a “safer” area of the city and enjoy their evening, riot free. Upon returning safely back to the hotel, the protestors and rioters were disbanded.

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