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The Challenge

A global electronics integration and automation client wanted to boost sales of their products through a sales incentive program to employees of their channel dealers. Employees have a choice in what they sell, so the rewards program needed to excite and entice to ensure our client’s products stayed top of mind. Best way to beat out your competitors? We think, yes.

The Solution

One10 designed and deployed our PerformX platform to provide a central location for incentive program information, program announcements, and product information. Participating dealers and their Sales and Design Architect employees log in to the portal to submit sales made to their end-user customers. One10 developed an intuitive sales claims process, tied to sales information provided by the client, that ensures claimed products, which were rewarded, were truly sold to the participating dealers. Rewards are paid directly to participants as dollars to a reloadable prepaid Visa® card. Payouts occur weekly. The portal also provides users a quick way to see their earnings as well as the status of their submitted claims.

The Results

And we’re just getting started…

The top 25 dealers participating in the program outpaced those not participating. Participating dealers achieved a 25.7% YOY growth while non-participants only had an 11.9% YOY growth.

Based on the high volume of submitted claims, the program has a strong program adoption and a steady increase month-over-month.

After the first 90 days of the program, 96% of participants responding to a survey showed they were happy with the frequency in receiving their rewards, and 91% felt the claims process was easy to follow.

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