Travel and Event Management

Bringing them all together

The energy of having all your people in the same place is a powerful thing. It could be a meeting with key leaders to plan the company’s bold next steps or an enjoyable island escape for a job well done. Company travel and events bring everyone together and realign them with the mission. With more ways than ever to keep connected, it’s important to take advantage of interactive virtual meetings, fully in-person meetings, and everything in between.

Your company is at its best when your people are out in the world, winning connections and leading the way. But you want your event to be stress free, allowing them to focus on the task at hand. You need everything taken care of, from the travel arrangements to the microphones. One10 takes your plans for company get-togethers and turns them into electric experiences. We take care of every detail so you and your stakeholders can focus on what matters most.

Smooth Sailing or Stormy Seas?

How to ensure your travel and events are always shipshape
As you know, the challenges and logistics of bringing everyone to an event are legendary. Your mission is to build events and travel opportunities that are always an improvement on the last. Developing stellar events, conferences, trade shows, product launches, customer loyalty celebrations, group travel and incentive trips takes a colossal amount of time, effort and coordination. They need to be fresh, engaging and exciting, all while harnessing the thousand moving pieces of travel and setup.

Are you looking to increase profitability within your sales teams? Motivate your top performers? Kickoff a successful fiscal year for your sales teams? Our event solutions are built with you in mind. One10 makes it all look easy while providing seamless and incredibly exciting experiences for your employees, stakeholders and top brass. We do everything behind the scenes to put your company in the brightest light possible. Here are just some of the things we take care of in getting your people from point A to point B while putting on an extraordinary show:

  • Strategy and design
  • Sourcing and contracting
  • Marketing and content creation
  • Sponsorship management
  • Detailed end-to-end travel planning
  • Vendor contract negotiations
  • Registration support
  • Cancellations and insurance
  • Airline booking and management
  • Full production support
  • Digital engagement and technology
  • Gifting
  • Mobile apps
  • On-site event staff
  • Measurement and analytics

Never Settle for Less Than Extraordinary

One10 has the experience and tools for superior stress-free results

One10 is the right crew for ensuring that your events are always smooth sailing. The average tenure of our events and travel management staff is 24 years. They will know exactly what your needs will be for any event or incentive travel adventure. We have built invaluable relationships with our partners and vendors over the years to ensure you always receive the best prices and terms for your extraordinary travel or event experience.

A Word From Our Clients

Our past work speaks for itself

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I went on my trip with my family this past week and had an amazing time. I can’t thank you enough.

FedEx Ambassador’s Club – Incentive Trip Winner

Citrix and One10 have been partners for many years and that partnership continues today. One10 supports Citrix through all major milestones within the event planning cycle, executing flawless events for our customers, prospects and partners. We are successful because we have created a winning partnership.

– Mark Plocki Director, Corporate Events, CMM Citrix

The on-site travel directors at One10 are the absolute best in the business. I have been on trips with other manufacturers and there isn’t even a close second. The One10 team can overcome any hurdle.

Top Automotive Dealer – Incentive Trip Winner

Celebrating Top Talent

A tech titan needed to retain the top 5% of their sales force. They wanted to implement their first-ever global rewards and recognition program that included spectacular travel opportunities for their top talent. How did it turn out? Well, One10 has been managing their “Gold Club” program, including hotel and venue sourcing, registration and air travel, activities, meals, events, décor, production and hotel stays for more than a decade. Needless to say, they were impressed.

Fast-Acting Event Management

Imagine your sunny day of outdoor meetings and fun is going perfectly to plan, then, unfortunately, an unexpected storm wipes out your venue leaving 4,000 of your guests wondering what comes next. What do you do? Expecting the unexpected is a best practice when it comes to events. Hiccups are inevitable with any large occasion, that’s why we improvise and provide reliable backup plans.

The Array of Travel and Event Offerings From One10

One10’s mission is to provide everything it takes to keep your employees, sales channels and stakeholders aligned with company goals. Our travel and event offerings keep your people more motivated, engaged and willing to give their position everything they have.

Event Management

The secret for a flawless event? One10 sweats every detail, so you don’t have to. We create and manage incredible events worldwide by overseeing every aspect of the experience. Our team takes care of the thousands of logistical choices that can make or break your event. We leverage our technology toolbox to create event mobile apps, participant surveys and communications platforms. This all allows you to be more connected with your teams and have access to an immense amount of actionable information useful for improving the event experience every time.

Incentive Travel

Thrill your employees with the thought of waking up in a luxurious faraway locale. Travel is a highly desirable motivator for getting your stakeholders more involved in exceeding their goals. However, the logistics behind a stellar incentive travel program can be tricky, to say the least. One10 designs and delivers world-class incentive travel programs for our Fortune 500 clients and their employees, dealers, channel partners and customers. We always keep the end result in mind: to align your people with your company goals.

Conferences and Trade Shows

It takes a lot to inform and inspire people at scale. One10 knows how to move the masses and help you develop large events like user conferences, trade shows or global sales meetings. The conference and trade show team members at One10 have the expertise in data analysis it takes to help you improve your events exponentially every time. Every event provides data that we can use to enhance the outcomes of future meetings and events. Leveraging the information from your data can help you make the best possible decisions for an ever-improving organization.

Strategic Meetings Management (SMM)

You’ve done it. Your stakeholders have arrived, checked in, made it to the same room and have everything they need for a great company meeting. Now, it’s time to focus on what this event is all about. Meetings should be engaging, informative and the perfect time to unite your teams with a critical message and direction. One10 ensures that your corporate meetings are carefully planned and optimized to provide a killer ROI. Our comprehensive service plans maximize your savings and grant you greater visibility, all allowing you to achieve increasingly impressive results.

Virtual Meetings and Events

Going virtual doesn’t change the basics of providing a flawless event or meeting. The approach to all company meetups is the same — sharing your mission and getting your stakeholders more involved and in sync. Whether your meeting or event is face-to-face, completely virtual or a hybrid of both, the path to success is the same: Align your audience with company objectives, keep them engaged and inspire them to action.

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