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Connecting professional networks, exchanging new ideas and inspiring people at scale.

Conferences and trade shows are the great connectors that make the business world go round. They provide avenues where massive numbers of people can congregate, share information and be educated that could change the course of entire companies. Companies strive to create experiences whether face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid that expand ROIs for their stakeholders.

Coordination with vendors, partners, sponsors, and other stakeholders is critical to creating an event that inspires audiences far and wide. One10 removes the stress from planning events with such a massive scope.

Our agency has decades of experience formulating and meticulously managing conferences and trade shows on the ground so that you know everything will go off without a hitch.

Overhaul Your Event With One10

Devoted to your every detail.

When it comes to the big day, you don’t want your stakeholders worried about meeting or display space, amenities, microphones, or anything else. You want the audiences at your trade show, conference, summit, or exhibition to be amazed by the organization and focused on making the most of the experience.

One10 takes care of every detail, from booths to bathrooms. Our conference and trade show teams leverage decades of experience and relationships with the largest sponsors to provide unforgettable experiences for your audience. Our teams know how to expect the unexpected, so we always have a backup plan in place. We think of everything when it comes to your conference, trade show, or summit. Here are just a few things we overhaul when it comes to your event:

Pre-sales discovery

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Pre-sales program development

Sponsorship sales

End-to-end management

Vendor contract negotiations

On-site staff

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Complimentary amenities

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Merchandise and awards

Post-event assessment and awards

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And many, many more…

Pre-sales discovery
Pre-sales program development
Sponsorship sales
End-to-end management
Vendor contract negotiations
On-site staff
Complimentary amenities
Merchandise and awards
Post-event assessment and awards
And many, many more…
For the challenge of creating an incredible event on a massive scale, One10 can handle anything.
– Conftradeshows_8_optiona

What Do We Bring to the Trade Show Table?

One10 can provide your company with the insight we’ve gained in over 60 years of event planning. From trade shows, conferences, seminars, meetings, summits, and more, we’ve been there and been successful time and time again.

We’ve been the trusted partners to industry titans for so long because we deliver outstanding results — every time. Our team brings you experience, innovative technologies, audience acquisition, attendee journey, sponsorship, logistics, and speaker management. Our aim is to ensure all so your employees, channel partners, and customers leave the event aligned with and inspired by your goals.

Let the Numbers Talk

in sponsor income


increase in positive client perception


satisfaction with sponsorship management

One10 has built a rock-solid reputation over the years. Believing in better is our mantra. It guides everything we do for our clients, and we take our performance personally. Our clients usually have something to say along these lines:

The Citrix Events team has worked with One10 on our customer, reseller, and incentive programs for over 19 years. We love our One10 family, and we could not provide the high-touch service to our attendees and sponsors without such a strong team. Their responsiveness, flexibility, and creativity are a huge reason for our success!
—Corporate Events Manager, Citrix Systems, Inc.

Just wanted to send you a special thank-you for all you did to make IW18 a great experience for our partners/sponsors. Not only did you get sponsorship sales across the finish line in a very tough year but also the overall experience for our sponsors was very positive. I can’t wait to see the sponsor evaluation results!
—Senior Director, Global Events, Informatica

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High-Touch Service for a High-Tech Conference

One10 decided to revamp the annual conference for a tech client we’ve overseen for 20 years. We provided a comprehensive, high-touch conference experience for them and their users — including pre-, on-site, post-, and debrief surveys. We went above and beyond to provide enhanced breakout session planning, speaker management, audience registration, a mobile website, apps, and event measurement to tremendous results.
From our surveys:
  • Over 10,000 attendees reported a 14% increase in the likelihood of recommending the client to peers.
  • Desire to purchase Client products increased by almost one-third.
  • 13% more people committed to deploying new Client products they saw at the event.
  • Overall attendee perceptions of Client improved significantly.
– Conftradeshows_12_optiona

How We Create Superior Events for You

Whatever project the One10 team tackles, no matter the scope, we always stick to the basics that got us this far.

One10 works with you to develop programs that inform, engage and reward your stakeholders. From incentives and recognition to travel and events or marketing services, our experienced team ensures we understand your business objectives.



Communicate performance objectives and the role participants play in achieving them while ensuring they have the skills, knowledge, and tools to succeed.


Develop data-driven strategies to encourage desired behaviors, maintain active participation, and drive above-and-beyond performance.


Identify an optimal mix of tangible, experiential, and intangible reward and recognition mechanisms to capture interest, foster behavior change, and drive performance.


One10 will work with you to develop a sponsorship plan with tiered benefits — clearly detailing your benefit-to-investment value. We will work with you to custom create an impactful communications plan to drive interest and participation in your conference or trade show. And, of course, we will develop a cost-to-fulfill grid, identifying potential net revenue.

It’s everything you want and nothing you don’t. We provide all of the marketing and promotional opportunities that will drive interest and attract the biggest players. Here’s what we’re talking about:


One10 has spent decades building relationships with the best in the business across industries. When you work with us, you have access to an amazing network of partners in events, travel, marketing, technology, and more.

Event Assessment

The conference and trade show team members at One10 have the expertise in data analysis it takes to help you improve your events exponentially every time. Every event provides data that we can use to enhance the outcomes of future meetings and events. Leveraging the information from your data can help you make the best possible decisions for an ever-improving organization.

Stress-Free, Utterly Experienced Conference and Trade Show Management

Planning a successful conference or trade show is impossible without a team of experts behind you. Why not work with the best? Receive stellar, problem-free results that keep on giving from the experienced event management professionals at One10.

Drop us a line below to start planning a conference, trade show, or event that wows your audience.

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