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As Dale Carnegie put it, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

One10 believes in providing your stakeholders fun and unforgettable experiences for a job well done. Experiential awards offer an exciting way to breathe life into your company culture while rewarding your top talent. All with the end result of aligning your stakeholders with company goals. These awards can create the kind of memories and positive experiences with the company to make them feel engaged, valued and like they never want to leave.

With the advent of 2020, popular group incentive trips came to a halt as travel restrictions were put in place. Recognizing the best of the best by whisking them away to an exotic locale for some R & R and face time with key executives was no longer an option. One10’s experiential awards group stepped up with alternatives to travel. Experiential awards are not only an engaging option individually, but they also work perfectly in conjunction with a travel or event program.

Let us know what your unique wishes are for an experiential award or we can help you dream something up that will be enough to knock the socks off your leading talent.

Recognize Your Top-Notch Performers with Ultimate Experiences

Incentivizing your employees or partners is an art and a science that One10 has been perfecting over decades of work with some of the biggest and brightest companies. Experiential awards are meant to reward your top performers while firing up the rest of your teams to perform at their peak. To ensure your stakeholders perceive their corporate gifts as highly desirable while also inspiring them to put in those extra efforts every day takes a special set of incentives.

One10 Provides Sensational Experiences for Those Who Deliver

Incentive Travel

Thrill your employees with the travel experience of a lifetime. With opportunities for group travel or individual trips, providing them with an utterly enjoyable and memorable journey has never been easier with One10.

Digital Celebrations

This option provides a group experience for your top performers. It features the opportunity to interact with a celebrity guest (chefs, athletes, music personalities) and could include a gift item in keeping with the event theme.

Gifting and Awards

These awards feature curated collections of items that reflect a specific lifestyle or interest, such as culinary, fitness, wellness, home furnishings and more. “On-Site Experiences” or “Experiences in a Box” offer ways to reward your employees for a job well done regardless of whether they are in the office, at an event or meeting, or in their homes.

We are confident these award offerings will engage your audience and drive performance, and we welcome the opportunity to hear  more about  what you need.

Ask Around. One10 Does It Better.

Wow your stakeholders with more persuasive perks.

One10 has been maximizing engagement with experiential award programs for decades. We know what it takes to create stunning awards. We know the psychology of shared experience is a powerful tool to make stakeholders happier and more engaged.

When travel became impossible in 2020, many companies felt that they had three options:  virtual events, payouts or cancellations. None of these options can truly replace what an attendee feels when they’re on a trip of a lifetime. Cash is nice, but it doesn’t replace the memories and excitement a travel program provides.

Read the Incentive Research Foundation report on event alternatives to learn more about how participants feel about the importance of travel.

Experiential awards from One10 offer companies a way to improve sales, loyalty and engagement. One10 can be your guide to supplying a “Trip in a Box” to your stakeholders when actual travel is not an option.

Due to the pandemic, our Fortune 100 client could not send 335 winners from all over the globe on their incentive programs. Instead, we provided a “Trip in a Box” that gave the winners something to talk about. In just 60 days, we did it:

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hand carriers

trading companies

This is the most professional shipment we’ve ever done. ​And the package itself is amazing. I strongly feel the presentation of the awards is unmatched in comparison to the thousands of award boxes we’ve handled. The winners are all very excited and cannot wait to get it. I would feel very honored to receive one


Individual Incentive Travel

My Escapes incentives provide an experience beyond your employee’s imagination. Curated trip options from professional travel planners will be better than any itinerary they could dream up on their own. These travel experiences offer a trip of a lifetime that provides a huge payoff for those who perform at their peak.

Let your employees choose their own customized travel options. Having control over their dream vacation is a popular choice for those who want to get away with their loved ones. This program is ideal for giving winners full flexibility in their travel while maximizing a small-to medium-sized budget.

Digital Celebrations

A perfect way to provide exclusive awards, Digital Experience awards from One10 will take their breath away. Whether you are incorporating a Digital Celebration in an overall recognition event or simply adding excitement within your virtual conference, Digital Celebrations will take any event up a notch. Here are some ideas that we have provided in the past to get you started:
Virtual Chef and Sommelier Experience
A marvelous digital experience with a celebrity chef and sommelier couple. Your top performers will join this dynamic duo for an electric night of fine wine and dining. The couple will prepare a signature dish and pair it with an appropriate wine selection while regaling them with tales from the culinary world.
Olympic Series
This series includes two interactive digital events with Olympic gold medalists. One Olympian will kickoff the series as the featured guest for the first qualifying period, while another performs as the headliner for the end-of-program award.
Liquid Livestream
Toast your top performers with this spellbinding digital experience. Have a celebrity mixologist create a drink in their honor, give them the opportunity to enjoy a sip of wine with a Master Sommelier, salute them with a beer tasting flight and let them savor a smooth Kentucky bourbon with a Master Cicerones.

Experience in a Box

Our Experiences in a Box provide your people with exciting, personalized gifts for their lifestyle. These rewards provide a mix of physical gifts like apparel, sporting equipment or spa products paired with gift cards or tickets to experiences they can take advantage of at any time.

These unique boxes are made for your company’s indispensable personalities with rewards as special as they are. An Experience in a Box is the perfect way to allow your top performers to relax and enjoy themselves — whether that is before or after the physical trip experience or in replacement of a trip. The options are endless and we are here to make your wildest ideas happen.

On-site Gifting Experiences

Gifting can be a perfect way to provide a spontaneous experience that will build relationships with your stakeholders at any event. We are in the business of creating memories that last a lifetime – a unique, on-site gifting experience is always the talk of the night. One10 has a knack for creating unique gifting experiences that will make your company the talk of the town. Take a look at how we made a client event an experience that wasn’t soon forgotten.

A delightful slipper gifting experience.

A One10 client wanted a one-of-a-kind gifting experience for their 40 retailers at a President’s Club Dinner event. We delivered by hosting an Ugg® “slipper bar” that outfitted guests with their own custom Ugg slippers. They were over the moon. Guests were surprised and delighted with the slippers, and many grabbed pairs to take home for their family members.

Send Them Our Best

Our experiential rewards are certain to put a smile on your top performers’ faces wherever they are. One10 provides the highest quality awards and gift experiences that they will remember for years to come.

Contact us below and let us know about your unique requests for awards.

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