What is an example of recognition?

May 14, 2021 | Incentives & Recognition, Rewards Programs

When we succeed, we like to be rewarded and recognized. Your employees or channel partners are no different. They want to be recognized for a job well done, and this recognition helps motivate them to do even more – make more sales, bring in more leads, and help your organization achieve their business goals.
Rewards offered as part of your reward and recognition program should motivate repeat behavior. They should be so enticing that your program participants will work hard to receive the top prize and be recognized for an outstanding job.
Implement an incentive and recognition solution that rewards top performers.
The type of rewards and recognition you offer your top performers is critical to your program’s success. Your employees or channel partners won’t be motivated with another t-shirt, coffee mug or tote bag. Oddly enough, they won’t be motivated by cash, either. Cash may seem like a good option, but it doesn’t create long-term motivation for your teams. It’s too transactional and when the cash is spent on everyday items, your employees may forget why they received the cash reward in the first place.
Not every program participant is the same, so you shouldn’t approach your rewards and recognition as a “one-size-fits all.” Instead, offer a variety of rewards to appeal to the variety of employees and channel partners in your reward and recognition program.
Here are ways you can recognize your top performers:
eCatalog: Your reward and recognition participants can earn points throughout the program and redeem these points from a special eCatalog that has been customized for your organization. Your program participants will enjoy the variety of prizes at different values, including:

  • Merchandise – Popular items include electronics, TVs, athletic equipment or home appliances.
  • eGift cards – These can come from popular brands like Amazon and Home Depot.
  • Event Tickets – Participants can cash in their points for popular local events and attractions.
  • Individual Travel – Participants are motivated by discounts on future airfare and hotel stays.

Prepaid cards: Don’t wait for the end of the program to recognize your top performers. Motivate your team along the way by using prepaid cards to recognize employees who reach certain milestones. Prepaid cards can be both single load or reloadable.
Group Travel: Create a unique travel experience for your top performers with a group travel program that fully immerses your team in the culture of a popular destination. Cultivating a trip that your team members couldn’t normally create on their own is important. From riding over Patagonia in a helicopter and then hiking to glaciers, to taking a private plane for a tour of Havana, these specially curated trips are sure to motivate your teams to work harder and achieve your business goals.
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Richelle Suver

Richelle Suver

Richelle Suver is a leader in performance improvement and marketing services in North America. Richelle oversees One10’s go-to-market strategy and its Incentives & Recognition business segment which includes global rewards as well as technology development for One10’s propriety performance improvement platform, PerformX. Suver brings a seasoned background to One10, having held leadership positions in marketing, sales and product management for enterprise recognition and incentive technology solutions. She is an active member of the Cincinnati chapter of the Network of Executive Women (NEW) and a member of Women in Business Networking (WIBN), in which she was named Top 25 Women to Watch in 2013. Over the last 20 years, Suver has published articles and spoken on incentive and recognition best practices.