How to Achieve Your Business Goals After Canceling a Meeting or Event

Mar 17, 2020 | Event Management

Meetings and Events

These are difficult times shrouded in uncertainty and apprehension. As the world copes with controlling COVID-19, we as an industry are also navigating uncharted waters as meeting, events and incentive trips are canceled or postponed. We know you have a difficult decision to make, and with that decision comes added hours of planning and communicating with your team. We are here to help.

Here are the top three questions you may be asking after canceling your meeting or incentive trip:

1. How can we share the important business information we were planning to announce during our meeting?

You have something significant to share and your team needs to hear from you now more than ever before. Yes, meetings are important tools to bring teams together and create a sense of community. But meetings don’t have to be conducted in person. Virtual meetings allow employees working in a variety of locations to participate. It also promotes added real-time collaboration through chat functions. One10 works with a variety of partners to offer a solution to deliver virtual online meetings that encourages interaction among your teams. Plus, we can use analytics to provide rich insights to help you determine engagement levels, so you know what to adjust for future communication to key audiences.

2. How can we reward our people who were excited about our incentive travel program?

You’ve worked hard to craft the perfect sales incentive program that motivates your team to reach common business goals. They’ve worked hard for their successes and now face hesitation about what the future holds. But you can still reward and motivate your team in lieu of travel experiences. Flexibility in rewards is key, and we have a platform, “Rewarding You“, that allows for this. You can reward points that your participants can redeem for: merchandise, retail certificates, charitable contributions and experiential rewards.

3. How can we transfer knowledge to our sales team and/or employees who were expecting to learn at our sales kickoff?

Continuing the flow of information is critical, and we work with our clients to ensure there’s a constant communication stream to all audiences to keep them informed and engaged. Using a variety of communication tools is important and a multi-pronged approach is key. This is why we offer online training solutions with the ability to develop curriculum and deliver impactful learning modules combined with testing, certification and incentives.

During this period of uncertainty, turn to our experts at One10 to help you create a solution that helps alleviate concerns, communicate important messages and accomplishes your company’s goals.

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Samantha Decker

Samantha Decker

Samantha Decker is the Marketing Director at One10. Decker oversees marketing initiatives for all three of One10’s business segments – travel and events, incentives and recognition and marketing services. Bringing unique marketing experience to One10, Decker has led rebranding and growth efforts for every organization she has been a part of and is a strong advocate that purpose and profits can coexist in business. Decker was named a Corporate Connect 40 Under 40, has been published in industry articles, and is currently a member of Team Women in Minneapolis.