Re-igniting the Travel Bug with One10 Travel and Events

Oct 16, 2020 | Incentive Travel

While the pandemic drones on, some brave individual travelers have decided to remove the cobwebs from their passport and take to the skies.

As COVID-19 mandates and restrictions are still on in most countries, other places like Barbados, Mexico, The Maldives, and Morocco, to name a few, are welcoming U.S. travelers back. Of course, most are requiring a quarantine period in addition to one or many negative COVID-19 tests.

Being in the travel and events business, we are grateful to see these countries opening back up for visitors while maintaining the utmost safety and protocols. Of course, we expect travelers to be smart and abide by any individual country’s restrictions and mandates in addition to following the CDC guidelines. We must continue to keep one another safe first and foremost. And, recognize restrictions on travel can change at any time.

As we know, this pandemic has been brutal on our beloved hospitality industry, to say it lightly. According to Tourism Economics, the impact on the travel industry has been 9x worse than 9/11. Eight in 10 hotel rooms are empty (STR) and there has been a 50% revenue decline in 2020—equating to $124B lost (Oxford Economics). Our travel and hospitality partners continue to work through the havoc this pandemic has unleashed on their businesses. In the meantime, we are ready to re-ignite the positive vibes travel gives us – even if it is to just think about all the places we plan to go. Alongside the U.S. Travel Association, we encourage those who feel safe to start making plans to travel once again.

The U.S. Travel Association recently created a Coalition, “Let’s Go There,” where businesses and organizations that span every segment of the American travel industry are encouraging travelers to start making plans to travel. For many, it will still be a long time. Others are ready to explore safe options to get back to their adventures once again. Regardless of your timeframe, it is proven that even the thought of travel ignites a sense of excitement and joy in our lives. It’s time we bring back the wanderlust. We could all use a little positivity.  

The dish on group incentive travel programs

It is no secret that One10 produces some of the most extravagant and motivational group incentive travel experiences for our clients. We are consistently listed as a MeetingsNet CMI25 company and in 2019 alone we planned 253 group incentive travel programs. You can read about the executive leadership team that went to South Africa or the logistics behind three 2,000 participant programs for one tech titan.  We know the recipe to create the buildup and excitement prior to the incentive travel program and make good on that promise during the program. While all clients’ goals for hosting a group incentive travel program are different, most clients are interested in using travel as a reward or motivational tool. Travel has always been a universal motivator and, until this year, businesses have been leveraging this type of reward for decades.

Although most group incentive travel programs have been out of the question for 2020, we continue to use travel as a reward in our incentive and recognition catalog offerings. As part of a points-based reward and recognition program for sales teams, individuals can choose to redeem their points for a trip or experience when it is right for them to travel again. Even if that travel experience needs to sit on the shelf for a while, top performers still reap the psychological effects that planning and dreaming about the trip will provide them. We believe in travel. We will continue to suggest travel as a reward and that participants do so safely.   

Individual Incentive Travel Offerings

One10 also provides two additional types of incentive travel offerings for our clients. These solutions have been primarily utilized during this pandemic when businesses still want to use travel as a motivator but do not feel safe planning an extensive group program.

One10’s Travel Your Way provides a seamless and straightforward opportunity to provide program participants with a customized incentive travel option. Participants simply receive communication about the program, log in to an online portal, and use their dollars to redeem for any number of travel options. We have helped source more creative travel solutions this year than in years past, ranging from RV rentals to glamping and even train rides across the country. The secret sauce for One10’s Travel Your Way program is truly our concierge-level support. Our team members average 25 years’ experience and can help individual participants create a program that exceeds their expectations. If you consider a Travel Your Way reward, know that you can expect increased loyalty among your participants, a simple process led by One10, and a high perceived value. Wondering where to sign-up? Start here.  

If you aren’t ready to unleash your travelers out into the world of limitless options, we also develop curated travel packages for groups. Whether you wish to provide four packages or fourteen, our seasoned team of professional travel planners and destination partners curate packages based on preferences, traveler personas, and locations. While one participant may feel more appreciated if they have the opportunity to bring their family members, another winner may desire a more exclusive experience with their spouse. Again, the process is simple. Our One10 travel concierge designs the programs and works with each winner to coordinate individual travel arrangements including hotel, airfare and activities. Are you interested in learning more? Contact us.

In no way are we trying to push you and your travelers to get back on the road. We recognize that every person will do this on their own time. Our goal is to let you know you have options when it comes to incentive travel. When your time is right, remember that travel is a universal motivator, and One10 is here for you.  

Samantha Decker

Samantha Decker

Samantha Decker is the Marketing Director at One10. Decker oversees marketing initiatives for all three of One10’s business segments – travel and events, incentives and recognition and marketing services. Bringing unique marketing experience to One10, Decker has led rebranding and growth efforts for every organization she has been a part of and is a strong advocate that purpose and profits can coexist in business. Decker was named a Corporate Connect 40 Under 40, has been published in industry articles, and is currently a member of Team Women in Minneapolis.