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Leverage the power of an exceptionally motivated workforce with our secret weapon: fun and innovative incentives and recognition programs!

Appreciation. It goes beyond helping your employees, sales teams, channel partners, and dealers exceed their goals. It builds a culture of growth and loyalty that makes your company a joy to work with. You’re here because you believe strengthening relationships between your company and your stakeholders is vital to success. The good news is you couldn’t be more right.

By investing in employee incentive and recognition programs, you make the choice to sidestep a stagnant company culture and ride the wave of exponential achievement.
One10 can be your guide every step of the way to build a superior incentives program for your organization.

Where Do You Start?

The Challenge of Building an Incentive & Rewards Program That Wows

Building a successful incentives and recognition program is an enormous task. It’s one that requires deep thought about what your people find desirable. Decoding the psychology behind engaging people is an art and a science that deserves a calculated approach.

If your program falls flat, you can send the wrong message. It can signal to employees or stakeholders that your care for the relationship is less than genuine. How do you provide an incentives and rewards program that wows your people? That makes them feel appreciated while driving company performance forward?

A good program needs to keep employees informed about objectives and their roles, encourage desired behaviors, drive performance, and provide a mix of rewards. Rewards they will be genuinely excited about. If established correctly, here is what your company program will do:

  • Inspire your channel partners to sell more
  • Entice B2B or B2C customers to purchase more of your products or services
  • Improve employee performance and productivity
  • Drive your top talent even further with rewards
  • Motivate employees with their choice of gifts
  • Provide unforgettable experiences that will last your people a lifetime
  • Increase employee retention rates
  • Keep everyone on the same page when it comes to setting goals

Sound challenging enough for you? Don’t worry. That’s why One10 is here!

For the challenge of building an incentive and rewards program that excites, here is the best place to start: with the people who have been there and been successful in improving stakeholders’ performance time after time.

One10 Lets You Take Things to the Next Level

We’ll take care of the recognition program rocket science so your people will shoot for the stars.

Thankfully, you don’t have to start a program from scratch. We’ve already done the legwork for you — decades of it.

We know what it takes to provide meaningful experiences and rewards for your employees, sales teams, dealers, and channel partners. One10 is a trusted partner to Fortune 500 companies because we deliver dazzling results. Every time.

We know every detail matters. It’s our mission to think of everything so you don’t have to. We put you on the right path toward building a comprehensive employee incentives and rewards program. A path paved with phrases like “completely confident” and “out of this world.”

One10 believes that excellence in execution is everything, and we strive to imagine and create better workplaces.

So. We can talk the talk. But can we walk the walk?

If Our Numbers Have Anything to Say About It…




YOY growth


lower turnover rate

Real-life stories behind how we earned such serious numbers for our clients.
Rewards Programs | One10

How did we do it?

A Little Mindshare Multiplication
An international electronic automation company needed to boost channel dealer sales. Our PerformX solution enabled participating dealers to outpace those not on the program by more than double.
Champagne, Penguins, and Helicopters
A global auto-manufacturing client needed to do something truly unforgettable for the 30-year anniversary of their incentive and recognition program. We obliged by giving them the ride of their life in South Africa’s Cape Point.
And a Whole Lot of Recognition
A leading pharmaceutical company needed a better way to retain its top performers and reward sales performance. We designed a clever peer-to-peer recognition model that led to tremendous results.

Talk About Perfect Execution

Remember our secret weapon for building an exceptionally motivated workforce? It’s more like a secret armada.

One10 provides a comprehensive suite of programs with a common goal: helping you achieve your business goals while making your stakeholders happier.

We guide you through developing the perfect program tailored to your individual needs. Even better, our experienced team is here to guide and consult on the best solutions for your company every step of the way.

With our toolbox of incentive and rewards programs, we are certain you will achieve your company goals. Whether that’s boosting performance, sales, or retention — One10 has the solution that will transform your peoples’ performance.

PerformX® Technology

What can our PerformX software do for your company? Try 2.2 times more sales. Improved satisfaction rankings. Higher employee engagement levels across positions. With PerformX, sellers earn more, exceed goals, and have lower turnover rates.

Participants judged PerformX incentive program 56.8% better than those of our 11 competitors, so you can know that you are getting leading-edge technology that outperforms. With our application, participants can track progress, find more engagement, and earn more easily.

Sales Incentives

Your sales employees, channel partners, and dealers are your company’s outward presence that can win customers, persuade purchasers, and put your competition behind you. How do you keep your top talent happy and engaged while boosting the whole team’s performance?

Their goal-oriented type A personalities crave more than commission. They want status, achievement, and to feel that they are on top of the world. It’s time to excite your middle and top performers to work harder and sell more. Whether you are looking for the “over-the-top” finale or the “always-on” strategy, we’ve got you.

Recognition Programs

Recognizing and rewarding your employees isn’t just a nice thing to do. It’s essential to provide a positive company culture that encourages growth and achievement. Recognizing your employees’ morale, milestones, years of service, and project completion is the best way to make your people want to fight harder for your cause.

Our recognition programs can transform the behavior of your employees, dealers, channel partners, and customers to be more engaged and aligned with your business goals. Your stakeholders will reciprocate the extra care you show them by going above and beyond for the company. By prioritizing people, you prioritize performance.


Rewarding your teams sends a good message: do it again. But what type of rewards do your people want? We remove the guesswork and provide a full spectrum of merchandise, retail, prepaid cards, travel, and charitable options that will keep them excited and pushing for possibilities. We offer our decades of experience in engineering desirable reward options and expertly designed platforms so they can choose one easily.

Each incentive and recognition program will empower your people by letting them see exactly where they stand with their performance. When your teams see what they stand to gain by putting in some extra effort, they will be inspired to give it their all. When your company participates in our rewards program, it has a multiplier effect that comes from fostering competition and tracking positive results.

Channel Partner Incentives

Encouraging your channel partners and dealers to sell more comes with its own unique set of challenges as they are outside of your company. An incentives program for your channel partners will push them to take up more mindshare for your products, learn more about you, and sell more. Our programs will help you align your channel partners with your goals for unbeatable results.

One10 has decades of experience educating and motivating channel partners to work harder at selling your products and services and ensure your company is the one they talk about most. We work with you to ensure you have the best strategy, and our analytics experts will tailor your program over time to maximize your results and profits.

Customer Loyalty & Engagement

Transform how your B2B or B2C customers perceive your brand by showing appreciation with rewards. When you win your customers’ attention and loyalty, your profits will dramatically increase. Over the years, we have found the best ways that companies like yours can retain customers’ attention, loyalty, and business.

Rewarding customers through points-based systems with levels, challenges, leader boards, and charity gifts creates an environment of fun that makes you the most attractive company in the room.

Rewarding You

When the time comes to reward your high achievers or congratulate them for a service anniversary, letting them choose their gift is the best way to make sure they are happy with the outcome. Rewarding You is a program that lets you do just that. Our user-friendly platform allows your teams to choose from millions of reward options

Rewarding You ensures that your incentives and recognition are truly desirable with the ability to earn things like name-brand merchandise, gift cards, experience and event tickets, travel and vacations, and even charitable donations. This means they will work harder and be encouraged to stay longer by providing rewards they want.

We Are a Certified Incentives & Recognition Vendor

Exceed Expectations With Proven Results

Avoid the pitfalls of not recognizing or incentivizing your teams. Experience a higher level of alignment and success.

There is a reason companies invest $800 billion every year to provide compensation, incentives, and recognition to their employees, channel partners, and dealers.

Implementing an incentive and recognition program puts your company on the fast track toward increased achievement and success. However, setting up a plan that leaves your stakeholders feeling less than appreciated can have the opposite effect. Avoid costly mistakes in your rewards program by letting us guide you through the process.

Our programs and expertise have guided Fortune 500 companies to success for decades. Up your game by aligning your company goals with your employees’ needs and witness the exponential growth by working with One10.

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