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Rival reality with virtual experiences from One10.

It’s a brave new digital world. Virtual meetings, training, and events can make lives much easier by removing logistical barriers to getting everyone together, but they present their own challenges. Virtual meetings are easy enough when a small team hops on to video chat — but hosting virtual meetings or events with hundreds or thousands of attendees while providing advanced technical requirements and agendas? That can be tricky.

Thankfully, One10 has decades of experience planning both face-to-face and virtual occasions. Our network of proven production partners ensures that your event isn’t just free of technical difficulties but is exceedingly productive. Creating successful meetings, events, and experiences is our bread and butter.

See the difference we make when strategizing and designing stellar, seamless virtual events and meetings for your company that make everyone’s life easier.

Nearly 60% of virtual meeting organizers have no formal, documented strategy for virtual conferences, according to a MeetingsNet survey. Ouch. Don’t let that be you.

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The Ideal Meeting? We Deliver Thousands Every Year.

Webinars, Virtual Conferences, Meetings, and Events. One10 is well versed with virtual. We remove your headaches with better solutions.
Going virtual doesn’t change the basics of providing a flawless event or meeting. The approach to all company meet-ups is the same — sharing your mission and getting your stakeholders more involved and in sync. Whether your meeting or event is face-to-face, completely virtual, or a hybrid of both, the path to success is the same: Align your audience with company objectives, keep them engaged, and inspire them to action.

We make you look good too – all from behind the scenes. A frictionless meeting experience means harnessing the hundreds of moving pieces into a seamless and incredibly easy experience for your audience. Our veteran team of event planners goes beyond the basics to provide the most engagement with zero hiccups.

Consider One10 your partner to solve everything when it comes to your event management process:

  • Event strategy and design
  • Overall event and project management
  • Timeline and budget development
  • Communications planning and execution
  • Attendee registration
  • Customer service
  • Engagement and experiential strategies
  • Data collection, management, analysis, and reporting
  • Sponsorship management
  • Vendor coordination and oversight

Imagine your virtual event turbocharged with longer-lasting impacts and stronger relationships with your stakeholders — all possible with One10.

Virtual Victories

Don’t let us do all the talking. Listen to what some of our clients have to say about our virtual meeting and event prowess:

Really enjoyed the setup of the virtual meeting and would actually cast my vote to have it again next year regardless of the situation.

The virtual platform was a great experience…it was perfect. The
knowledge areas were well articulated just within the right timeframes.

Given how challenging 2020 has been, organizing an all-virtual conference must have been such a rough job to do. But in all the online conferences I’ve attended this year, I should say I LOVED this the most…

We promise to provide your company with the same level of service and care for extraordinary results. Watch the recorded webinar to learn how our client at BMC pivoted her event to virtual with our help.

When Success Is the Only Option

The stakes are always high when we take your results personally.

One10 leverages decades of experience to provide perfect events for our Fortune 500 clients. And we aren’t just talking about our company’s longevity — the average tenure for one of our event planners is 24 years. When you’re dealing with high-stakes events, it’s better not to pick the new kid on the block.

Our team of nearly 300 professional meeting and event planners deliver superior results when failure is not an option. One10 works to provide virtual event considerations such as:

  • Designing content that translates best to virtual
  • Selecting the virtual environment — platforms and streaming services come in all shapes and sizes
  • Engaging audiences and building relationships
  • Understanding the challenges when not face-to-face and finding ways to create connection points
  • Collecting data at new touchpoints
  • Integrating with CRM platforms, including Salesforce
  • Interpreting attendee digital behavioral insights

One10 supports the entire spectrum of virtual events. From 20 attendees to unlimited numbers, limited production needs to heavy production design, we handle it all. One10 can create astounding virtual breakout sessions, networking lounges, training, interactive Q&As, and much more.

Your Virtual Event, Elevated

The strongest virtual offerings are from One10.

The upside of virtual events? The possibilities are endless. Increased participation, audience data, new networking tools — all without the physical limitations of space. We do more than just convert in-person events to virtual. We develop new experiences like nothing you’ve seen before.

See how One10 creates experiences that rival reality.

Virtual Experiences

Curated, customized live digital experiences.

These aren’t thrown-together Zoom meetings. These are highly interactive and engaging virtual events that One10 customizes to spec. Our events offer enjoyable and memorable experiences that weave in seamlessly with more complex virtual meetings:

  • Dynamic kickoffs
  • Celebrity chef luncheons
  • Exclusive entertainment and live-streamed performances from top-performing artists
  • Thoughtful keynote addresses from thought leaders
  • Fireside chats with professional athletes

We make it possible to create a custom series of virtual experiences that will inspire your teams to higher performance levels. From interactive training to meet-and-greet opportunities with celebrity experts, One10 will be your guide to bringing memorable and engaging virtual experiences to life.

Audience Activities and Insights

Virtual experiences offer more opportunities for interaction. Audiences have more options like choosing from a variety of fun pre-meeting experiences. Creative offerings like yoga, meditation, games, and more do wonders to keep your stakeholders engaged throughout the entire event.

During and after the event, you will have access to an array of data points like attendance, topics, content engagement, what the most popular sessions were, interests, survey responses, and much more. This all allows you to improve your virtual events and meetings every time.

Measuring Success

At One10, our strategic approach to data and analytics help you make sharp, calculated business decisions that drive results. Through research, analytics, and measurement, we can tell you when and how far you’ve moved the needle. And through our strategic alliance with Vivastream, we’ve learned that they’ve seen five times the attendance for virtual conferences compared to in-person events.

Get More from Virtual

Virtual events can start to become complicated as the variables stack up, but One10 delivers smooth experiences that impress. Receive stellar, stress-free results from the experienced event management professionals at One10.

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