Channel Partner Incentives

Better Business for Them and You.

Working with your channel partners can be a little like herding cats. Or taming lions. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a challenge aligning company goals with your valued channels.

Building rock-solid relationships with your partners can mean steady communication, joint marketing efforts, and continuous training on products. You’re here because you want the kind of relationship with your channel partners that has them laser-focused on selling your products or services over the rest. Who doesn’t?

Understanding your channel partners is critical to finding the best way to provide incentives. They might keep track of hundreds of products or services. Often you will be in heated competition for their mindshare against other products and incentive programs. They need to do what’s best for them. Your job is to let them know that what’s in your best interest is also the most beneficial for them.

At this point, you might realize that having an incentive program for your channel partners is only the beginning. Building an incentive program that beats the rest is the key to winning.

Fast-Tracking Goal Alignment

Designing an Influential Channel Partner Incentive Program

You would love to put every ounce of effort into every partner, but the nature of business pulls us in different directions. Your channel partners and dealers are diverse – geographically, economically, psychographically – and all provide their unique challenges and demands on your time.

The fast track to aligning your channel partners with your company goals is to make your organization the common denominator. Making your products easier to understand, providing actionable goals, and making it all worthwhile for your partners will win them over for the foreseeable future.

One10 provides a way to streamline all of this. We have decades of experience in increasing mindshare with channel partners by keeping them informed on your products, engaged with your company, and rewarded when they sell more for you.

There is never a one-size-fits-all program, so One10 helps you and your internal stakeholders answer the following questions about your future program:

  • What is the expected result of your channel incentive program?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the products or services in your channel sales incentive?
  • Are the rules concise and sales goals achievable?
  • What is the duration/time frame?
  • How will we market the program to make it stand out in a competitive environment?
One10 is here to guide you through these questions while providing you with unstoppable solutions to increase mindshare with your channel and pump up the profits.

Been There. Done That.

When it comes to solving channel partner challenges for clients, One10 has a storied past. These are the real-life stories behind how we’ve earned our clients a serious leg up.
Electrifying Results.
A Fortune 500 electronics retailer with over 200 partnering manufacturers needed to simplify and improve its incentive program. One10 reimagined their program and provided a single-source business application that could manage and administer all partner spiffs and incentives seamlessly (all while managing 4,000 promotions a year). The result has been 15 years of incentive payouts increasing by 7% and more every year.
Mindshare Multiplication.
An international electronic automation company needed to boost channel dealer sales. One10 designed and deployed our PerformX platform to provide a central location for dealers to learn the products, log earnings easily, and reap the rewards. Our PerformX solution enabled participating dealers to outpace those not on the program by more than double.
What competition?
In the ultra-competitive rental car industry, a client of ours needed to outpace the competition. Their wish list included a way to increase share of rentals, provide a tool to counteract competitive programs, identify and reward travel agents, bust through the clutter of short-term incentive activities, and build awareness and loyalty to their brand. One10 delivered on all of it.

And We’ll Do It Again.

We promise to bring your company the same outstanding results. Here are all the tools behind our dozens of years bringing clients success in their channels.

Optimizing channel partner incentives can be a constant struggle. Setting aggressive goals, communicating them to the right people, and giving them the tools to sell more of your products and services are all major challenges that One10 helps solve.

Here are some of the tools we’ve developed over decades of finding the best solutions:

PerformX® Technology

Our PerformX platform powers everything behind the setup and operation of incentive and engagement platforms that create high-performing teams.

What can our PerformX software do for your company? Try 2.2 times more sales. Higher channel partner engagement levels and more market share. With PerformX, sellers earn more, exceed goals, and are inspired to do it again with rewards.

Multi-brand channel partner participants judged PerformX 1.5X better than incentive programs of our 11 competitors.

The One10 Channel Suite includes:
  • ReX (Incentive Rules Engine)
  • Visual Dashboard Homepage
  • Comprehensive Tabular Reporting
  • Promotional Setup Wizard
  • Channel Sales Claims
  • Learn ‘n’ Earn

Need Enterprise Extensions? No problem. We also have API integrations and custom reporting options should that be something your organization desires.

Talk with us today to get started aligning your channel partners with your business goals. Drop us a line below.

The Power of Persuasion From One10

We do more than incentivize your channel partners.

The best products and services always win, right? Not quite. Channel salespeople might sell other products over yours if it works better for them. Better speed to market, supply, or incentives will keep them on the hook.

One10’s mission isn’t to just separate you from the competition. It’s always to put you miles ahead of them. We know exactly what your distributed sales channels want, and we give it to them.

One10 doesn’t just keep your channel partners selling more of your products. Here are some more things we bring to the table:

  • Keeping salespeople up to speed on your latest inventory
  • Training and educating a salesforce that doesn’t work for you
  • Gaining mindshare on the benefits of your products and services
  • Providing useful analytics on your channel program to make it more effective
  • Communication plans that resonate with your unique industry and audience
One10 does everything to prepare your channel sales teams to successfully sell your products while rewarding those who excel at it. One10’s training team provides a new avenue to reward those channel salespeople who actively learn about your products and services.

We have been a trusted partner to Fortune 500 companies for so many years because our programs always lead to exceptional results.

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