Rewards Programs

Move mountains with appreciation.

What is a common defining trait of the happiest companies?

A positive company culture that ensures its employees are engaged, informed and appreciated.

The companies with the happiest employees are coincidentally the companies that are the most profitable.

These businesses attract the brightest talent through rewarding and engaging career paths. But how do they keep their employees appreciated?

It’s tough to keep track of every time employees hit milestones or exceed project expectations. That’s why One10 provides a host of solutions to help you keep everyone on the same page and working together toward one goal.

Rewards programs aren’t a carrot on a stick to keep your employees motivated. They are a way to send a positive message to your people to ensure they feel valued and appreciated. And, if they work hard, they will receive remarkable rewards. Watch as happier employees move mountains and make waves for your company thanks to your recognition and rewards.

Experience the Multiplier Effect

A chain reaction of chart-busting accomplishment

Rewards programs alone are a catalyst for exponential achievement. But you don’t normally see a rewards program in place without training and development or data and analytics programs. When you start adding ingredients like these to the pot, things start boiling.

The multiplier effect happens when these programs start working in unison. Your employees are informed with the same information, they’re engaged with their projects’ clear objectives, and rewards guide their behavior to brilliant new highs.

Our tools and reward options below have transformed companies as they are combined into the multiplier effect.

  • Name-brand merchandise, including the hottest consumer electronics
  • Prepaid cards
  • Charitable contributions
  • PerformX, our best-in-class enterprise-level technology platform
  • The Rewarding You program, allowing a choice from millions of reward options
  • Travel to exotic and adventurous locations
  • Systems for written “thank-yous”

Rewards With One10 Have the Right Touch

Intuitive platforms. Attractive rewards options. Easy delivery worldwide. 24/7 customer support.

Rewards programs from One10 are informed by decades of partnership with some of the biggest and best corporations in the U.S. We bring your company the insight necessary to offer an array of rewards that your employees will find irresistible.

Our reward options are strategically chosen to provide practical and enticing rewards your employees will love. The latest tech, sporting goods, digital media (e.g., music, movies, books, games), home office items, or philanthropy and travel options are some of the millions of available reward options they can choose from. There is something meaningful and relevant for everyone.

We strive to make an extraordinary audience experience by continually reviewing the best practices and trends in online shopping and updating your program as necessary.

One10 Rewards will deliver rewards to your stakeholders in 93 different countries and counting with an average delivery time of 2-3 business days.

What Rewards Can Do

A Thoroughly Rewarding Customer Support Experience.

A financial industry client wanted to revamp their long-standing rewards program, but their program participants were slow to cash in rewards with the old program to close it out. Over 25% of the incentive funds were still banked and set to expire. We quickly acted to help employees use their unclaimed rewards and ended up with only 1% of funds expiring.

Our Methods for Better Rewards Programs

Half art, half science, rewards programs from One10 motivate your people and have them pushing for possibilities. Our tools and technology ensure that you can customize a rewards program that is uniquely suited to your company.

PerformX® Technology

Our PerformX platform is engineered to provide the smoothest user experience for your stakeholders navigating rewards options, using points, and placing orders. With our mobile applications, participants can track progress, find more engagement, and earn more easily.

Multi-brand channel partner participants judged PerformX 1.5X better than incentive programs of our 11 competitors.

Here are some of the ways our PerformX technology streamlines your rewards program for your audience:

  • Storefront — Highly customizable, graphic interface for greater visual impact.
  • Supplier Updates — Automated daily, virtually eliminating “out-of-stock” items.
  • Order Tracking — Real-time transparency. 98% of orders are delivered in 2-3 business days.
  • Global Currency and Tax Management — Aligned to daily exchange rates to ensure all orders are tax compliant.
  • Outstanding Global Selection — One API integration enables the launch of any country in minutes.
  • 24/7 Customer Service — Achieve 98% order escalation resolution in less than 23 hours.

Rewarding You

Sometimes the best way to reward your high achievers is to let them choose their favorite products. This way, they are sure to be happy with the outcome. Rewarding You is a program that lets you do just that. Our user-friendly platform allows your teams to choose from millions of reward options.

Rewarding You ensures that your incentives and recognition are truly desirable with the ability to earn things like name-brand merchandise, gift cards, experience and event tickets, travel and vacations, and even charitable donations. This means they will work harder and be encouraged to stay with your company longer by providing rewards they want.


Not all rewards need to be earned on a points-based system. Gifting can be a perfect way to provide a spontaneous experience that will build relationships with your stakeholders that they will remember for a lifetime. One10 has a knack for creating unique gifting experiences that will make your company the talk of the town. Read the slipper gifting story below to learn how we made a client event an experience guests won’t soon forget.

A delightful slipper gifting experience.

A One10 client wanted a one-of-a-kind gifting experience for their 40 retailers at a President’s Club Dinner event. We obliged by delivering on an Ugg “slipper bar” that outfitted guests with their own custom Ugg slippers. They were over the moon. Guests were surprised and delighted with the slippers, and many grabbed pairs to take home for their family members.

Better Rewards for Your Top Performers Today

Rewards from One10 have been key to the success of companies who needed better ways to incentivize their employees, dealers, and channel partners. Our reward options provide value and meaning to your stakeholders, and they will feel more appreciated and more motivated.

Rewarding your talent is one of the best ways to grow a company culture of loyalty, growth, and exponential achievement.

Contact us below to get started building or expanding a stellar rewards program for your organization.

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