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Blaze past your business goals and rally your stakeholders to your cause with our industry-leading software solution.

When your ambitious business goals are the finish line, what’s the best ride to get you there? Our incentive and recognition software drives your people’s performance with an engine that’s faster and lighter than the competition, with all the customizable interface and luxury options to do it in style.

If you’ve already read our PerformX white paper, you know exactly what our technology can do to boost your incentive programs. But, how do you know it’s the best solution available? Our PerformX SaaS technology provides greater flexibility, a better mobile-first UI and an easier experience for your participants wherever they are.

Your company will always perform at its peak when your stakeholders are motivated and in sync with your goals. Our job is to get you there armed with hard data, superior software and decades of experience managing incentive and reward programs.

Powerful Performance in the Palm of Your Hand

What’s under the hood? Feel the power of our sophisticated software with your hands on the wheel of an intuitive interface.

Stakeholders are the power under the hood of any company. Your company’s driven behavior has allowed it to grow massively over the years. But there is always an expectation for growth and smashing through past performance indicators. PerformX allows your stakeholders to stay up to date with performance goals, keep engaged with their progress and receive compensation when delivering the best results. Your race toward ambitious company goals requires software that should:

  • Drive improved sales performance
  • Retain and acquire talent
  • Gain market share
  • Reinforce your corporate culture and core values
  • Improve channel partner loyalty
  • Recognize service anniversaries
  • Engage employees
  • Train employees and channel partners

A Fine-Tuned Experience From One10

PerformX® accelerates your company by uniting your stakeholders under a common goal

One10 has spent decades fine-tuning incentive and recognition programs for some of the biggest companies in the world. PerformX is our modern SaaS-based solution that is the product of research, intuition and lots of feedback.

PerformX offers more options for configuration than other off-the-shelf platforms and at a lower price point. Our user research helps us provide you with all of the solutions that you will need so you aren’t missing out on any of the good stuff. You will have access to actionable insights from user data that will help you form decisions that can drastically transform your employee and channel partners’ performance.

Our software is packed with features and content that will help your stakeholders reach goals and have a better time doing it. The interface can be configured and branded for your employees, dealers or sales channel professionals. PerformX has all of the features you need and none that you don’t. You can take advantage of the following to efficiently set up, operate and evaluate your incentive and recognition program.

Brandable — Configure PerformX to blend seamlessly with your company. You can quickly adjust it to reflect your brand image using your logos and colors. Your employees will see everything as coming directly from you.

Easy-to-Use — Participant and administrator interfaces are clean, highly intuitive and straightforward.

Mobile-First UI — Your programs are accessible 24/7, and your team can access information on any device, from anywhere, at any time.

Graphical Reports — Administrators can easily access actionable reports. Or you may consider adding analytics expertise to maximize program success. Invaluable information will help you improve employee compensation management every year.

Flexible — Build your programs the way you want them based on our proven set of promotion types. Choose between configurable rules, structures, communications and award options. Our team will be there to guide you through everything.

Security Compliant — Our PerformX technology’s security is watertight and failure tested. It’s updated frequently to provide a bug-free and streamlined user experience.

A Look at Our Track Record

Participants judged the PerformX® incentive program 56.8% better than those of our 11 competitors, so you know you’re getting leading-edge technology that outperforms

Some stats of when we helped companies lap the competition on the business racetrack …

Our software solution has a track record of turbocharging incentive management programs with numbers like:

more sales




lower turnover rate

With PerformX, sellers earn more, exceed goals and are inspired to do it again with rewards.

Our PerformX platform has won serious results for our clients. Here are some of the case studies that show how we helped companies blaze past their business goals.

Multiplied Sales

An international electronic automation company needed to boost channel dealer sales. Our PerformX solution enabled participating dealers to outpace those not in the program by more than double. Participating dealers achieved a 25.7% YOY growth, while nonparticipants only had an 11.9% YOY growth. Their participating employees reported that they enjoyed the program, with 96% reporting they were happy with the frequency of rewards and an incredibly easy claims process.

Ambitious Performance

A leading pharmaceutical company needed a better way to retain its top performers and reward sales performance. We designed a clever peer-to-peer recognition model that led to tremendous results. Managers who used PerformX attained a 6.9% goal achievement over nonusers. Employees who participated in the program had a 50% lower turnover rate that resulted in $111 million in cost savings and an overall ROI that exceeded 1,000%.

Electrifying Results

A large financial company was looking to increase new contract sales by creating unique ways to engage and reward employee performance for new sales. Not surprisingly, the cash reward program was not motivating. It was time to offer a reward choice that would go beyond transactional purchases. Participants loved the easy-to-use platform and all the reward options! Overall, the program ROI on engagement and ease of use increased over the cash rewards program.

Let’s Talk Shop

Accelerate your incentive and recognition efforts

One10 provides a suite of solutions with the common goal of helping your company realize optimistic business goals. We can help you configure and calibrate PerformX® to your unique specifications. Our software will provide you with better results for increased performance, sales, retention and virtually any other company growth indicator.

The High-Level Inner Workings

Technology doesn’t work without the underlying psychology and methodologies to back it up. One10 has been providing solutions to motivate employees long before the internet, so our understanding of what makes your people tick is in our DNA. Our Inform, Engage, Reward and Evaluate continuum is a product of years of research and feedback. Our approach provides everything you need to set up and operate incentive and recognition programs efficiently.

Inform — Develop a compelling communications campaign to announce, promote and continually reinforce the program.

Engage — Engaging your employees is an art and a science. Leverage data-based insights with your intuition about your employees to design engaging programs and activities that address short- and long-term objectives.

Reward — Identify an optimal mix of award options that capture interest, foster behavior change and drive performance.

Evaluate — PerformX harnesses all user data so you can analyze results, develop insights and adapt program strategies. Admins can create easy-to-use dashboards that facilitate continuous improvement.

One10’s Proprietary Rules Engine: ReX®

ReX analyzes your customer data and business rules through our wizard to help determine the appropriate start/end dates for promotions, target audience, product(s), payout types and communications for your program. This allows you to take the guesswork out of your program. ReX is built on decades of real-world experience and the psychology of motivation.

Flexibility — Run different promotions for an unlimited number of participants, channel/dealer partners and teams.

Control — Set up a contest or incentive in minutes and communicate it to your target audience. PerformX allows for on-the-spot rewards and other options designed to give you more power over incentivizing your teams.

Dependability — Our Fortune 100 clients are thrilled with our programs, as they have helped run hundreds of millions of dollars in sales through PerformX.

Our Expert Team Will Get You to the Finish Line and Beyond

Every great racer has a pit crew that is just as good. We have been in the business for a long time — 80 years in fact. Our incentive and recognition team has an average tenure of 20 years, so they will understand exactly what you are talking about. Once we know your goals, our expert team will work with you to suggest the best promotions for your incentive or recognition program.

Promotion types and features can range from the following:

  • Manual
  • Do and Get
  • Hit and Earn
  • Tiered Promotion
  • Competition
  • Step to Goal
  • Manager Recognition
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition
  • Recognition Feed
  • eCards
  • Years of Service
  • Learn ‘n‘ Earn, and more!

Time to Turn Up Your Performance

Don’t get left in the dust. Take the lead with PerformX®

PerformX will ensure that it’s your company on the #1 podium spraying champagne. Exceed company expectations and accelerate past the competition with tools that let you track progress, ROI and keep teams aligned with company objectives.

It’s time to fast-track your incentive and recognition programs with smart and savvy technology that will align your company goals with your people’s needs.

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