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What can the technology do for you?

Don’t ask what you can do for the incentive and recognition technology. The question is always – what can the technology do for you? Flexibility. Mobile First UI. Easy-to-use. We’re keeping it real. And, our buzzwords are legit. We’ve designed our PerformX® SaaS Technology to meet your participants where they are at – on the go or at their desk.

Your challenges are met.

It’s tough out there. You have big goals and even bigger expectations.
With PerformX® powering your incentive and recognition strategy,
we can help you solve many common business challenges including:

  • Driving improved sales performance
  • Retaining and acquiring talent
  • Gaining market share
  • Reinforcing corporate culture and core values
  • Improving channel partner loyalty
  • Recognizing service anniversaries
  • Engaging employees
  • Training employees and channel partners
  • Ensuring compensation is in line with company strategy
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Optimal Experience.

PerformX is a SaaS-based incentive and recognition technology solution that helps you amplify your business results. It’s more configurable than many off-the-shelf platforms and more cost-efficient than a custom solution. If PerformX were a chair in Goldilocks, it would be “just right”. On-going user research helps us identify the top needs and wants of your participants. Convenient access to actionable information is at the top of their Wishlist. It’s not about how much the system can do, instead, it is about what people do with the system. So, we designed the optimal experience for the content and features that are most necessary for your workforce, dealers and sales channel.

PerformX Engagement

Engage your workforce, recognize employees and reinforce core objectives.

PerformX Incentive

Motivate top performers, run sales promotions and measure incremental sales growth by team, product line, employees and channel teams.

PerformX Enterprise

Desire for a customized solution with unique requirements or processes.

PerformX® is everything you need and nothing more.

Don’t let technology be a burden on your people. Instead, we are giving you everything you need to efficiently set up and operate incentive and recognition programs.

Brandable — Make it yours! The platform can be quickly configured to reflect your brand image using your logo’s and colors.

Easy-to-Use — Participant and administrator interfaces are highly intuitive and straightforward.

Mobile-First UI — Your programs are accessible 24/7 and your team can access information on any device.

Graphical Reports — Administrators can easily access actionable reports. Or you may consider adding analytics expertise to maximize program success.

Flexible — Build your programs the way you want them based on our proven set of promotion types, with configurable rules, structures and communications, as well as your choice of award options.

Security Compliant — You can trust our technology’s security. It’s updated often to provide the best user experience.

Accelerate your incentive and recognition efforts.

The Methodology that Powers the Platform.

Technology is just a bright shiny object without the methodology to back it up. Our Inform, Engage, Reward and Evaluate approach provides everything you need to efficiently set up and operate incentive and recognition programs.

Inform — Develop a compelling communications campaign to announce, promote and continually reinforce the program.

Engage — Leverage data-based insights to design engaging programs and activities that address short- and long-term objectives.

Reward — Identify an optimal mix of award options that capture interest, foster behavior change and drive performance.

Evaluate — Use data to analyze results, develop insights and adapt program strategies. Create easy to use dashboards that facilitate continuous improvement.

One10’s Proprietary Rules Engine: ReX®

ReX® analyzes your customer data and business rules into our wizard to help determine the appropriate start/end dates for promotions, target audience, product(s), payout types and communications for your program. ReX is built on decades of real-world experience and the psychology of motivation.

Flexible — You can run different promotions for an unlimited number of participants, channel/dealer partners and teams.

Control — Set up a contest or incentive in minutes and communicate it to your target audience.

Reliable — Proven use by Fortune 100 clients running hundreds of millions of dollars in sales through the PerformX Platform.

Where Your Goals Meet Our Team.

We have been in this business for a long time. 80 years in fact. Once we understand your goals, our team of experts will work with you to suggest the best promotions for your incentive or recognition program.

Promotion types and features can range from the following:

  • Manual
  • Do and Get
  • Hit and Earn
  • Tiered Promotion
  • Competition
  • Step to Goal
  • Manager Recognition
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition
  • Recognition Feed
  • eCards
  • Years of Service
  • Learn ‘n‘ Earn
  • and more!


Incentives & Recognition


We’ll Take Your Mind Share, Thanks

A global electronics integration and automation client wanted to boost sales of their products through a sales incentive program to employees of their channel dealers. Employees have a choice in what they sell, so the rewards program needed to excite and entice to ensure our client’s products stayed top of mind. Best way to beat out your competitors? We think, yes.

Our PerformX® Technology is built with the end user in mind. Read our article on Why User-Centered Design and Employee Rewards Programs are BFFs.

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