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Turn Data Into Your Competitive Advantage

Data can be as good as gold to companies — if they know how to use it. You need the proper tools to mine data and the knowledge to separate it from fool’s gold. Your company is successful because key leaders have harnessed information to make better decisions. After all, making business and marketing decisions without the proper data is like taking a shot in the dark. But data illuminates your path and shines a light on your strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve your processes consistently.

When you make data-driven decisions, you make the best decisions. But what is the best way to harvest data from your incentives and recognition programs or your events, marketing, and sales efforts? You need the information and insights to make improvements, but data can be notoriously difficult to capture in some instances.

One10 helps companies like yours every day in building actionable insights from raw data we collect from our clients. Learn how you can unlock better ways of doing business to make it crystal clear where you stand and what your next move should be.

It’s time to make data work for your incentive and recognition programs.

How Do You Turn Data Into Action?

Harvesting and analyzing data to make better business decisions is a full-time job. It’s a huge task that requires reliable ways of collecting data. You need the best information to take the next steps into developing a better plan of action that will align your company in smashing goals.

Your data analytics efforts should remove the guesswork from your decision-making process while creating calculated and risk-free plans. They help you find your key metrics so you can know what you’re aiming for and when you’ve hit your target. Here are a few things One10 offers that your company can take advantage of:


Program design

Objectives and criteria setting

Performance Measurement

Campaign and program reporting

Dashboard creation

Report automation

Web analytics

Event Measurement


Survey design and administration

Sentiment analysis

rsX – Relationship Strength Index

Focus groups


Performance insights

Sales and business intelligence


Predictive modeling

Salesperson future value

For businesses and leaders making million-dollar decisions, there is no better substitute for knowing what will work and what won’t based on hard data. So who will you trust to provide accurate and complete data and analysis?

One10: The Gold Standard for Data & Analysis

The Brightest Minds In Performance Improvement At Your Side

One10 applies brilliance in data analytics and analysis across all of our offerings. Our programs are built on industry-leading platforms that offer more analysis to help you make the most informed decisions. Our approach provides you with more ways to reach your business goals with the research needed to let you know how to get there.

Our experienced team works closely with Fortune 500 companies every day to establish key success metrics while lining up the next steps to improve ROI. One10’s mission is to do the legwork in data collection and analysis so you can focus on making game-changing decisions.

No matter where you begin, what business issues confront you, or what information resources you already have, we have the experience and tools to give you the answers you need.

How We Take Events to The Next Level With Analytics

In order to show the “powers that be” that your company events are working, decisions on logistics, location, communications and everything in between must be informed by data-driven decisions.

Our analytics team can step in to ensure you are collecting valuable data in a manner that it can be analyzed to provide productive reports for your team and stakeholders.

This is how we do it:


Pre-event survey
Engagement baseline
Sales baseline


Session intent
Attendance goals


Attendance behavior
Event engagement


Post-event survey
Post-event session engagement
Sales integration

Sales Tracking

Sales change
Next year event planning

Sales Tracking

Sales change
Next year event planning

Strategic Success Stories


reduction in incentive budget


Increased sales

We Are Ready to Help You

Solutions from One10 have helped companies overcome their analysis issues time and time again. With tools like advanced ROI models, predictive analysis, and results measurement, your company will always be ahead of the curve and ready to take action. Here are just a couple of times we made it happen.
A Redesign Informed by Analytics
Our client was paying an incentive of 1% of every sale to dealer sales representatives, but sales were declining, and costs were rising. Not a recipe for incentive success. We worked with the client to redesign an incentive program based on careful analysis, and voila! See why this client was happy and why we continue to talk about the importance of ongoing analysis.
Sales Conundrum Quantified
Our animal pharmaceutical client noticed a decrease in sales rep visits to clinics and wanted to understand why, as they sold exclusively through the veterinary clinic channel. Our team conducted a custom rsX℠ study and quickly uncovered the problem. Our training team took these insights and developed new training for the clients’ sales teams. The custom tracking dashboards we developed for the client demonstrated a 10% improvement in in-office visits, which led to a 6% growth in sales.

Use Data That Makes A Difference

Companies should always leverage their data to make the best decisions. One10 can help you find the data that will make a difference. One10 can help provide the relevant insight to develop your programs and complete company objectives.

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