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Jan 29, 2019 | Marketing Services

Teams can only be successful when their leaders rally them behind a common goal, and there is clear communication {and motivation} to accomplish that goal. We’re known in the automotive industry for helping our clients develop exceptional teams through training, communications, and travel programs that help drive performance.

But, we believe in better. Our experience doesn’t stop here. We help automakers increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their sales and marketing teams through the following:

  • Strategic Planning capabilities that combine our deep understanding of the industry with a streamlined planning methodology. We can help you quickly put together actionable business plans (sometimes within a week) for almost any challenge. We have taken on topics ranging from product launches to new program roll-outs to departmental reorganizations.
  • We have great experience in Data Consolidation and Analytics. If you have sales & marketing data that exists in disparate databases, our team can help bring it all together and can mine insights to help increase the effectiveness of your retail network.
  • An RSX Relationship Strength Index tool that can help automotive sales & marketing teams quantify the strength of relationship they have with their dealers and/or customers. We can identify the key drivers of a strong relationship – and can identify the key actions manufacturers can take to build stronger relationships.
  • We’ve just added PerformX to our suite of Incentive & Recognition We can provide varied levels of solutions in this area – and can bring incentive, recognition, training, communication and award offerings into a single, intuitive platform for you and your dealer network.

One10 Strategic Marketing

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Eric Gasiorowski

Eric Gasiorowski