The Key to Rental Car Channel Activation.

The Challenge

The rental car industry is highly competitive, with many choices for travels agents. The client needed to increase share of rentals, provide a tool to counteract competitive programs quickly and efficiently, identify and reward travel agents on an individual basis, bust through the clutter of short-term incentive activities, and build awareness of, and loyalty to, the client brand among individual travel agents.

The Solution

An easy-to-enroll, points-based program with a dedicated website & platform, directed at independent travel agents. Once the travel agent unlocks a specified earning requirement, a personal, program-branded, stored value card is automatically mailed to them. It can be reloaded every time the travel agent earns additional points. To increase program appeal to travel agents, we added hotel and limousine partners as additional opportunities to earn points.

The Results

Over the nearly 15 years we have operated this program:

  • Program membership nearly tripled, from 7,000+ to nearly 21,000
  • Almost 50% of program-active members have transactions with three or more client partners


Percent of program-active members who have transactions with three or more client partners

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