Boost Insurance Agent Sales with Smart Incentives

Apr 19, 2024 | Incentives & Recognition, Sales Incentives

Boost Insurance Agent Sales with Smart Incentives


The insurance industry is moving quickly, it’s time to adapt.

The days of motivating insurance agents with old-school methods are fading fast. Instead of relying on outdated tools like spreadsheets and chalkboard leaderboards, it’s time to embrace high-tech solutions for creating and tracking incentives in real-time. This shift ensures agents stay motivated, perform better, and ultimately drives higher sales, representing a significant upgrade in how insurance companies support their sales teams.

Current Incentive Practices in Insurance Sales

Travel Incentives

Traditionally, travel incentives have been a popular choice among insurance agencies to motivate their agents. These incentives often include luxurious trips to exotic destinations or exclusive retreats, serving as enticing rewards for top performers.

However, most travel incentives go to the top 15% of producers, oftentimes leaving the other 85% feeling left out or as if the incentives are simply not attainable. Studies have shown that a 5% improvement by middle performers creates a 70% increase in profit. As a result, insurance companies are considering other rewards to complement their travel incentive programs due to the importance of also recognizing middle performers.

At One10, we’ve witnessed firsthand how our programs cultivate high-performing individuals and captivate those in the middle tier. Employing a balanced approach, such as incentive travel coupled with a focus on the middle performers, optimizes the entire distribution channel.

The Rising Popularity of Rewards Programs

In today’s competitive insurance industry, rewards programs are gaining popularity as an effective strategy to drive performance and engagement among employees. These programs offer a strategic way to align employee efforts with organizational goals, whether it’s writing more policies, delivering exceptional customer service, or enhancing communication practices. By incentivizing desired behaviors and recognizing achievements, rewards programs – particularly those that offer a broad choice of rewards from experiential to technology to travel – create a culture of motivation and accountability, ultimately driving sustainable success for insurance companies.

Incentive Technology Can Make or Break a Program

The insurance industry is increasingly favoring technology-based incentive platforms for their versatility and personalized features compared to traditional methods. With these platforms, insurance companies can tailor incentive programs to suit the unique needs and preferences of their agents, fostering a more effective and engaging approach to motivation. Moreover, technology-driven solutions offer real-time tracking and analytics capabilities, enabling companies to monitor the performance of their incentive programs with accuracy and make swift adjustments as needed.

Additionally, the adoption of technology-driven sales incentive programs streamlines administrative tasks such as incentive calculations, reporting, and reward distribution. By automating these processes, these platforms enhance operational efficiency, save time, and reduce the likelihood of errors or discrepancies, benefiting both agents and company staff.

Performance Disparity Challenges in Insurance Sales

The insurance industry faces challenges related to performance disparity among sales agents, with varying levels of productivity across the board. Recognizing the achievements of top producers is crucial, as it not only rewards their efforts but also serves as a motivating factor for others to strive for excellence. By highlighting top performers, insurance companies create a culture of recognition and achievement, which can lead to increased morale and overall agency performance.

However, it’s easily even more important to acknowledge the potential of middle performers. We’ve already said this, so just a reminder that a 5% performance increase from middle performers yields over 70% more revenue than a 5% performance increase from top performers.

Middle performers often make up the bulk of the sales force and contribute significantly to the company’s bottom line. By identifying and nurturing their potential, insurance companies can harness the talents of middle performers to drive sustained growth and success.

Furthermore, engaging bottom performers is essential for maximizing the overall performance of the sales team. While they may struggle to meet targets, providing support and guidance can help them improve their skills and confidence over time. Implementing effective strategies, such as targeted training programs or mentorship initiatives, can uplift the performance of bottom producers and transform them into valuable contributors to the agency’s success.

Industry Trends: Retaining Talent and Advancing App Capabilities

The Effort to Attract & Retain Talent

Retaining talented insurance agents is paramount for companies due to the substantial investment required for their training and development. Industry data, such as that from the Insurance Journal, reveals that approximately 25% of insurance agents leave the profession within their first year. Additionally, only 15 of every 100 agent recruits will still be with their hiring companies after 4 years according to LIMRA, underscoring the urgency of talent retention efforts.

While insurance companies employ various methods to retain their top performers, such as competitive compensation packages and ongoing training and development opportunities, these efforts often fall short when not bolstered by a solid incentive program. A solid incentive program will effectively engage and inform new employees from day one, while also catering to the diverse preferences of agents across various generations, incentivizing them in ways that resonate with each individual. Attracting and retaining those in their early-career stages to the insurance industry, which tends to lean old-school in many of its practices, would benefit from a technology solution like PerformX® Incentive to motivate employees with modern features like gamification and leader boards. By providing agents with a user-friendly platform that enhances their productivity and motivation, this solution ultimately contributes to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates.

The Advancement of App Capabilities

In today’s digital age, advanced app capabilities are becoming increasingly essential for streamlining insurance sales processes and enhancing customer experiences. According to industry reports from Deloitte, the demand for sophisticated app features in the insurance sector is on the rise. PerformX meets this demand by offering a range of innovative features and functionalities designed to optimize sales workflows and improve agent efficiency. From intuitive dashboards to real-time data analytics, PerformX caters to the evolving needs of insurance professionals, empowering them to deliver superior service and drive business growth in a competitive market landscape.

Role of PerformX in Enhancing Insurance Sales Incentive Programs

PerformX is a modern SaaS-based solution crafted to revolutionize sales incentive programs. Drawing on extensive experience in fine-tuning global incentive and recognition initiatives, PerformX offers unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness. It stands out for its user-centric design, driven by thorough research and feedback, providing a wide range of customization options without sacrificing essential features. The platform delivers actionable insights from user data, empowering companies to make informed decisions that drive significant improvements in employee and channel partner performance.

Key features include a customizable interface that reflects the company’s branding, intuitive participant and administrator interfaces for streamlined program management, and mobile-first accessibility for engagement anytime, anywhere.


As the industry evolves, adopting advanced tools like PerformX becomes increasingly crucial for staying competitive and achieving sustained success. It’s time for insurance agencies to adapt to the changing times and take their sales incentive programs to new heights with modern technology.

To unlock the full potential of PerformX and revolutionize your sales incentive programs, reach out to Chris Herzberg, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions. With two decades of expertise in incentivizing insurance agents, Chris is your go-to expert for boosting sales and retaining top talent.

“I have had the privilege of working closely with Chris Herzberg in the Incentive and Recognition space for Agents for a number of years,” said former CMO for a major insurance company. “Chris possesses a remarkable blend of both insurance expertise and deep knowledge of incentive programs. I wholeheartedly recommend Chris to anyone seeking a professional with a rare blend of insurance and incentive expertise as a valuable extension of your team.”

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Chris Herzberg

Chris Herzberg

Chris Herzberg is the Vice President of Enterprise Solutions and leads the One10 Sale’s team. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Chris helps the world's largest companies achieve their business goals by engaging and motivating their employees, channel partners, and customers through strategic incentives programs. Contact Chris today to talk incentives: Achieve your employee incentive and recognition goals with One10! (