Leading Marketing Expert Joins One10 LLC to Drive Integrated Marketing Strategies and Achieve Remarkable Results

DAYTON, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–One10 LLC, a trailblazing leader in performance improvement, is excited to announce the appointment of Ami DeWille as the new Vice President of Integrated Marketing. Ami brings with her an illustrious track record of success in both B2B and B2C marketing. Ami’s accomplishments include spearheading integrated marketing campaigns, achieving significant demand generation, securing industry accolades, and successfully contributing to the sale of a company during her tenure.

“With a wealth of experience under her belt, Ami DeWille has emerged as a distinguished marketing executive with a proven ability to orchestrate successful integrated marketing initiatives and we are excited for her leadership to shape our future growth,” said Bob Miller, CEO of One10 LLC.

Her expertise spans a multitude of domains, including paid media, digital content, branding, creative direction, and trade events. Notably, during her tenure at her previous role, Ami’s strategic prowess and innovative thinking played a pivotal role in rebranding the company and driving demand generation, contributing to the successful sale of the company.

Ami’s unparalleled dedication to excellence is further highlighted by the numerous prestigious awards her teams have secured over the years. Under her leadership, the company achieved the esteemed recognition of being named the “AdWeek Best Performance Marketing Company” and earned the coveted distinction of being the “#1 CPA Network” for each year of her tenure, showcasing her ability to consistently deliver exceptional results.

One of Ami’s exceptional achievements lies in her innovative approach to marketing technology. She revolutionized inbound lead tracking and attribution by implementing cutting-edge tools, including Pardot marketing automation and Salesforce CRM. This implementation not only streamlined marketing efforts but also enabled robust analytics and reporting capabilities across various marketing channels, including the website, paid media, and owned media.

“In addition to her technological prowess, Ami DeWille has an inherent understanding of the symbiotic relationship between marketing and sales,” said Richelle Suver, CRO of One10 LLC. “I am continually impressed with her ability to find the strategic alignment and seamlessly bridge the gap between marketing and sales.”

Prior to joining One10 LLC, Ami DeWille held pivotal roles such as Vice President of Marketing at Perform[cb], Senior Brand & Product Manager at ShurTech Brands, LLC (Duck Tape), Director of Corporate Trend at ShurTech Brands, LLC, and Product Manager and Brand Merchant at Bath & Body Works. Her extensive experience in both B2B and B2C integrated marketing positions her as a versatile and well-rounded leader capable of navigating diverse market landscapes.

Ami DeWille’s appointment as the new Vice President of Integrated Marketing at One10 LLC is poised to usher in a new era of innovative marketing strategies, groundbreaking campaigns, and unparalleled results. Her track record of accomplishments and her dedication to excellence make her an invaluable asset to the One10 team as they continue to redefine the industry landscape.

About One10 LLC:

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