As conferences and summits remain virtual in 2021, our team has continued to engage in speaking and thought-leadership opportunities. Richelle Taylor and Nicole Neal will both be hosting educational sessions at the 2021 virtual Human Experience Summit on February 17. Attended by thousands, the Human Experience Summit offers educational and networking opportunities to HR professionals across the country.

Richelle will be hosting a session titled “The Power is in Your People: Craft an Incentive and Recognition Programs that Works”. Joined by Tim Houlihan of Behavior Alchemy, Richelle’s presentation will focus on building a strong incentives and recognition program that will help strengthen teams and increase profitability.

Nicole will be hosting a roundtable titled “Dear 2020, you sure threw us a lot of curveballs. Now what?” In her guided discussion, Nicole will discuss big issues from 2020 and the new opportunities companies have after the changes of the previous year.

As sponsors of the virtual summit, we’re excited to see participant engagement around Richelle and Nicole’s sessions. To learn more about the Human Experience Summit and to register, please visit their website here.